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  • As Told By Nerdy
    26.9M 399K 56

    As if life wasn't hard enough being bullied and treated like garbage all the time; my loathsome, insufferable seat mate just had to come with his "secrets" and torture my every waking hour. What's the big deal you say? Nothing except for the fact that he's some insanely beautiful Greek God under those nerdy glasses. A...

  • Where Do Broken Hearts Go?
    789K 33.7K 95

    She and her diary. He and his handwritten letters. Two brokenhearted strangers. One faithful meeting. How do you unlove someone? How do you move-on? And lastly, Where do broken hearts go?

  • SCARLET 2: ALICE (Emerald Series)
    961K 37.5K 48

    After the tragic ending of the war against the Dark Side, Prince Clyde still can't get over the fact that she's gone. Now that he's the King and has his own Queen, will everything change if the girl she thought was dead returns?

  • SCARLET (Emerald Series #2)
    1.7M 64.2K 44

    Exactly 17 years after book one comes the story of Scarlet Cress and how her life changed when she accidentally 'fell' in Middle Kingdom and met Prince Clyde. Now she has to face a fate she can't avoid. Will it finally be the ending that the kingdom hopes for or will it turn darker than they expected?

  • Special Section 2 (Published under Pop Fiction)
    10.4M 297K 45

    Special Section book 2. Hindi mo siya mahahanap. Hindi mo siya matatakbuhan. Available in Bookstores, Convenience Stores, newsstands and online nationwide for only P175! :)

  • Special Section (Published under Pop Fiction)
    36.2M 781K 54

    Special section.. nandito ang mga kinahahangaan at idol ng lahat. Mga anghel daw kung ituring. Pero lahat kaya sa kanila ay anghel? Wala bang DEMONYO? Available in bookstores, convenience stores and newsstands nationwide for only P195 :)

  • EMERALD (Published Under Pop Fiction)
    3.6M 125K 51

    Emerald Prescott thought that her life was just normal. Not until her 18th birthday when a group of scary men took her parents and tried to kill her. Good thing someone 'saved' her by taking her to a world of royals. Literally. But that's where everything unfolds. Not only she has to cope with the fact that there's a...

  • Destined with the Bad Boy (PUBLISHED UNDER PSICOM)
    32.3M 823K 95

    [COMPLETED] #1 in Teen Fiction Frans Abigail, a new girl in Manila, is trying to forget her best friend whom she's fallen in love with. As she's creating new memories in her new home, new school... She suddenly met the most annoying guy in the campus! Christan Apxfel Gonzalez is the campus' heart throb. Gwapo, mayaman...

  • Forever with the Bad Boy (PUBLISHED UNDER PSICOM)
    7M 191K 52

    [COMPLETED] Book 2 of Destined with the Bad Boy. Book 2 will be available in book stores nationwide on June 2018. P175 only!

  • Para sa Hopeless Romantic
    211K 3.3K 1

    Kwento ng anim na taong umaasa sa happy ending. Si Becca na gustong makalimot sa sakit ng nakaraan. Si Nikko na gustong maibalik ang pag-ibig na pinigilan. Si Ryan na gustong sumubok na magmahal sa 'di siguradong pag-ibig. Si Maria na gustong maging matapang sa pag-ibig na lihim niyang kinikimkim. Si Jackie na naniniw...

  • Move On, Walang Forever!
    396K 8.1K 5

    Nag-I love you siya sa'yo tapos friends lang. Kayo na raw forever pero hanggang three months lang ang tinagal. Hindi ka raw niya kayang saktan pero ito ka ngayon,walang humpay sa kakaiyak. Ikaw lang daw ang mamahalin niya pero nabigla ka sa katotohanang mayroon pa pala siyang iba. Magbabago na raw siya para sa'yo, per...

  • Life and Death of a Star
    7.1K 359 2

    Other reincarnate. Others go to heaven or hell. But some people believe that when they die, they become a star. And when they do, they become someone else's wish. I'm Seth Gothico and this is what happened after I died.

  • [EDITING] Forever I'll be your Prince and Forever you'll be my Princess <3
    3.6M 20.4K 66

    Do you believe in "Love at first sight?" :) There's this boy named Ervin, who was about to do suicide. But then this Charlotte girl came to his rescue. Kung mabibigyan ka ng second life, wouldn't you offer that life to that someone who gave that second life? Ang love, hindi sa tagal o sa bilis ng pagkakakilala, hind...

  • Class Picture (Published Under Cloak Pop Fiction)
    11.6M 181K 49

    "Kung kasama ka sa class picture na 'to, Ihanda mo na ang sarili mo, at baka ikaw na ang susunod." [READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!] [REVISED VERSION] Completed as of July 27,2014 9:33 pm #Wattys2015

  • Forbidden
    143K 4.1K 16

    "They pledge themselves to be young, stay young... and die young." Lahat ng kasalanan ay may katumbas na kabayaran. Hanggang saan ang kayang mong gawin para mabuhay? Handa ka na bang makipaglaro kay kamatayan?

  • Class Picture 2
    2M 55.1K 53

    "Isang litratong sumira ng maraming buhay, isang litratong may kalakip na kamatayan, ang babalik para bangungutin ka.." #Wattys2015

  • Tagpuan
    7.5K 269 5

    "It was that night when the stars shone the brightest. It was that night when the gods conspired for us like we're inside your favorite fairy tale book. It was that night when I saw the glimmer in your eyes. It was that night when I fell for you, my love. Of all the girls I've met, ikaw ang panalangin ko." - Lucky

  • Wonderland
    23K 880 9

    Ever wondered how things work in the horror and mystery/thriller genre? Check it out here on my wonderland. Cover made by:@Chocolov3r

  • Disturbia
    49.4K 359 1

    Good Girls and Guys Trilogy [ #1 ] "Beauty comes with a price." Fourteen lucky amateur models were hand-picked by three famous icons in their city. It's a project where amateur models get a chance to reach for their dreams. To become the most popular, influential, and professional supermodel, they need to undergo a t...

  • The Sweetest Lie (AWESOMELY COMPLETED)
    2.9M 50.3K 20

    "Damn you Hannah! Bakit kailangang ikaw pa?" hirap na hirap niyang sabi habang kipkip ang mga kamay ko para hindi ako makagalaw. Tinitigan ko siya. "Tanong ko rin yan dati Adam, bakit kailangang ikaw pa? Wala ka namang ginawa kung hindi ang magsinungaling. Madaya kang maglaro Adam, but guess what. I already learned my...

  • The Substitute Bride(AWESOMELY COMPLETED)
    9.7M 156K 37

    "Kahit kailan hindi mo ako tiningnan bilang ako. Hindi mo ako tinuring na asawa dahil ibang babae ang nasa isip mo pag tayo yung magkasama. Sa bawat pagsabi mo ng mahal kita, sa bawat yakap mo at halik, siya ang nasa isip mo at hindi ako. Minahal mo ako hindi dahil sa mahal mo ako, minahal mo ako dahil binubuhay mo an...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Broken Promise (AWESOMELY COMPLETED)
    3.5M 64.4K 27

    "Promises are meant to be broken Ericka, That is reality.." I know that now Andrei. I know it perfectly well. That is why I will never fall again with your sugar coated lies. Not anymore. I am done with you. I am done loving a man whose tongue always lie. -Ericka Yana Sandoval

  • The Forgotten Groom (AWESOMELY COMPLETED) #Watty's 2015
    4.4M 85.9K 42

    Magkasama lang ang Book 1 and 2. Daphne Araneta left Chance Samaniego not because she wants to, but because she has to. Kaya ngayong bumalik na siya sa buhay ni Chance ay pagbabayaran na niya ang nagawang kasalanan. And she is willing to endure, just for her forgotten groom.

  • Music Academy
    131K 3.4K 16

    Rhaine is inlove with Yvo. Yvo loves Sophie. Sophie loves Kent. Kent is Kurts' twin. Kurt is inlove with Lia. Lia is Yvo's sister na walang pakialam sa love. Sa mundong tahi tahi ang mga puso nilang anim, may lugar pa kaya ang pangarap? O masisira ba ng pag-ibig ang matatag na samahan ng anim na NightinGales? Sa Music...

  • Paper Hearts II
    6.2K 161 10

    [Tagalog Version] Koleksyon ng mga tula.

  • Paper Hearts
    60.2K 2K 50

    A collection of poems.

  • The Despicable Guy Book 2
    10.5M 106K 80

    Published under Pop Fiction (2014)

  • The Despicable Guy Book 1
    803K 10.4K 11

    Published under Summit Media's Pop Fiction Books! Grab yours now for P195! Check Booksale, Pandayan Bookshop, National Bookstore, Mini Stop, 711 and Filbars for copies <3 HALF LANG PO ITO NG TAGALOG VERSION NG TDG BOOK 1 <3

  • The Spaces In Between
    11.2M 244K 61

    [SELF PUBLISHED - 2016]

  • Spring Beauty
    70K 3.5K 8

    ❝Don't let anyone bring you down.❞ Fourteen-year-old Bloom Landry loves to write songs, but she's been unable to show what she's got since a falling-out with an ex-best friend years ago. However, for some unexpected circumstances, she's forced to take part in a music competition that will test her courage to overcome...