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  • You're Never Gonna Fit in Much Kid
    21.9K 629 19

    Frank doesnt need some weird high schooler to walk him home. He is in eighth grade, for Christ's sake! But what Frank doesn't realize is that this high schooler may help him in the long-run.

  • Read All Fine Print
    9.4K 408 11

    Gerard didn't want that tattoo and he definitely didn't want the baggage that came along with it. [Frerard]

  • Gerard, You Make My Heart Burn (frerard)
    33.8K 991 21

    Frank Iero just moved to Belleville and things are getting steamy....

  • Welcome to the... Asylum?
    67.2K 1.5K 30

    What happens when Frank Iero gets sent to an insane asylum for being suicidal? What happens when he meets the bipolar pyromaniac Gerard Way? Or his brother, Mikey Way, whose schizophrenic? Or Bob Bryar the homicidal? Sorry if the description sucks. This is going to be a Ferard ;)