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    Casey Brogan is on a mission to self-destruct. Whether it's booze, drugs or men, she's spiralling out of control and stepping over the line, to destroy the demons of her past and herself in the process. Ethan Drake isn't looking to be anyone's saviour. He has enough demons of his own and a legacy he'd do anything t...

  • Blood of Azura
    23.4K 2.2K 21

    Four realms at war, a princess enslaved, a warrior in love. If you are reading this story on any other platform other than Wattpad you are very likely to be at risk of a malware attack. If you wish to read this story in it's original, safe, form, please go to

  • Alien Invasion: A Love Story - (A Wattpad Featured Story!)
    85.9K 6.5K 45

    Twenty-six year old Andie Bank is dragged into an intergalactic celebrity abduction scheme. In order to save her best friend, Hollywood's biggest star, Andie must endure some bizarre alien marriage rituals, a vindictive ray gun-toting ex-girlfriend, advances from Chris Pine, and an army of jellyfish drones. Who says...

  • Edgewise
    121K 10.9K 39

    ***Winner of the Wattys 2016 for Hidden Gems*** The Edgewise exists everywhere and nowhere. A sanctuary to all realms, should you find the door. Managed by one Macklemore Edgewise, proprietor, guardian of the between places, and barman of mystery. If the tavern accepts you, abide by the rules. 1. Leave all confl...

  • Planet Ares ❄️ (Alien Fairy Tales)
    1.4K 180 12

    Two sisters. One frozen planet. The planet Ares is on the brink of civil war. After the death of the first female Admiral, Nix Glasere, the responsibility of the planet's tumultuous affairs fall on the shoulders of her eldest daughter, the young Commander Eris. Only, an even less experienced female in charge of the pl...

  • The Ferlands
    1K 245 26

    A land overtaken by a dark force, resistance in exile, and a long forgotten prophesy. When Eliana finds herself mixed up in this strange land, along with her best friend and the assistance of a handsome stranger, she begins a journey that will change everything. A more detailed summary included in the Forward chapter...

  • Life With Lacey
    819 214 42

    A YouTube love story - part 2 Lacey Mitchell has a contract with The Outdoor Life and a product line launching soon. Her dreams are coming true, and having Travis by her side is icing on the cake. Travis Black is proud of all that he and Lacey are accomplishing, especially their separate endeavors with The Outdoor Li...

  • Songs of the Season
    5.3K 698 39

    [ Teen Fiction Romance ] There are two things Aria adores: singing and Peter. At Rockwell High, she can't have one without the other. But Peter is her choir's star tenor and he's attached at the hip to Cadence, a senior who apparently has it all-a voice that can turn heads, parents who can pull strings, a loyal entour...

  • A Modern Girl's Guide to Necromancy
    1.1K 100 6

    Perrie McPhee reluctantly attends the funeral of her Great Aunt Agnes only to accidentally bring the deceased back to life.

  • A Dark Inclination (ON HOLD)
    20.1K 2.3K 13

    PART TWO of the Wattys 2015 Award Winning People's choice story - A Dark Imperfection The Fae are dying, sickness stalks the land and some find relief from fear by escaping in dark pleasures. The discovery of a hidden cache of Blue Rapture, a drug used to suppress inhibitions, unwittingly draws newly wedded Luel in...

  • The Little Musician
    1.4K 127 7

    Ari is a girl who wants to get out of her small town and have her voice be heard. Vanessa is a wannabe singer in need of a new voice to find the fame she's always wanted. Both girls collide together and find themselves embarking on a North American tour for the super famous and super hot Emmett. Vanessa is ready to fa...