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  • Hooded
    37.5K 2.8K 9

    When Annie Mayes accidentally ran over Rob Hood, she immediately found herself in his cross-hairs. Rob is ill-mannered, a trouble maker, and has zero regard for Annie's social status. To make matters worse, Annie is positive he's also responsible for a string of thefts that have rocked Locksley High. With Rob's pati...

  • Spinning
    1.9K 447 4

    Mr. Miller's daughter... Mr. King's obsession... R. Stiltskin's pawn... Abby is being used by the men in her life. If she's ever going to find peace, she needs to find a way to take control and spin her circumstances into gold. This was inspired by the #OnceUponNow prompt from @Target. I hope you enjoy it.

  • Once Upon a City (#OnceUponNow Top 25)
    6.3K 894 7

    #OnceUponNow Cindy was a girl who worked hard and got little recognition. When faced with an amazing opportunity in the modeling industry, she is shut down because she simply didn't fit the stereotypical criteria. However as all good tales do, Cindy's story has a twist and it wasn't because of a Fairy Godmother or a g...

  • Awake (#Onceuponnow)
    7.2K 867 7

    *One of 10 winners in the @target OnceUponNow contest* After five years in a coma, Rose has given up on ever living her life again. It's pure torture hearing her husband's voice as he struggles to save her. All Rose wants is for Crane to be able to go on with his life and be happy. When a change in her conditi...

  • Intimacy
    17.5K 1.1K 25

    A collection of romantic stories. From summer sweetness to winter heat, with a sprinkle of humor, magic, and everything in-between.

  • The Friendzone Promposal -#OnceUponNow
    11.3K 996 6

    Mallory has dreamed of, drooled over, and loved Trevor from the trenches of the Friendzone for over a year. When he asks her to help him deliver a Promposal to the new girl Jessica, she dreams of the magic of fairy tale's, but only belief in herself can help her find her wings. Can she soar from the Friendzone to a Pr...

  • Amira and the Red Bottom Shoes #OnceUponNow
    25.1K 2.6K 9

    Thank you for checking out my #OnceUponNow entry! All votes and comments are greatly appreciated! Amira and the Red Bottom Shoes The war changed everything. My life unwound like a ball of yarn tumbling down a flight of stairs. The streets that were once filled with laughter and children playing were soon replaced wit...

  • Frog Lips #OnceUponNow
    3.1K 564 4

    -Top 25 Finalist- Our parents always warned us about talking to strangers on the internet but did they ever warn us about frogs? Highest ranking: #440 in Short Story (c) Copyright 2016 by Littleninjamari

  • Between Earth and Sky | ✓
    11K 1.1K 9

    Once Upon Now Grand Prize Winner published by Gallery Books. Sixteen-year-old Mira Sighansen never questions her place in the majestic wilderness of the Yukon Territory until she witnesses her brothers' oil rig explode. Refusing to believe the young men are dead, the teen's suspicions are strengthened when their bodie...

  • Judging Covers (#OnceUponNow)
    1.6K 265 1

    New and a bit alarming... who would have ever thought that this could be? Beatrice Hanes is cunning, beautiful and destined for greatness. But after her father loses his job, greatness would have to wait. In order to save up for her dream college Beatrice reluctantly accepts an offer from her foe Andrew "The Beast" W...

  • My Love God Went to Hawaii and All I Got Was This Lousy Papaya - #OnceUponNow
    33.5K 2.6K 9

    Published by Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon and Schuster, in an anthology called Once Upon Now! Available on Amazon and at other other fine retailers. Cupid has an epic party, but, whoops! He accidentally sinks Charon's Ferry. Hades is not amused. To avoid the ultimate penalty, Cupid has to travel to Hawaii and do...

  • Once Upon a Now; Entry
    10.3K 2.1K 2

    Cindy is an intern at the notorious Kingdom Magazine. Arthur is a scarred boy who hasn't been outside of his "home" in two years. At the night of the annual Kingdom ball where all the raging celebrities attend, Cindy loses the Glass Heels; the couture shoes of the century that everyone is dying to see. One thing leads...

  • Vigilante Green (#OnceUponNow)
    17.8K 1.5K 4

    Entry for #OnceUponNow. All votes & comments on the first chapter are greatly appreciated :). A Cinderella story meets Robin Hood. When seventeen-year-old Gracie Jones gets her heart broken by a false prince charming, she declares war on senior prom. With her eye on taking down the popular kings and queens of Sherwoo...

  • Afire Love #OnceUponNow
    14.2K 1.1K 1

    He was in pain. I helped him break the curse. A modern twist on Beauty and the Beast.

  • Once Upon Another Beast (#OnceUponNow)
    99K 9.3K 9

    Top 25 Finalist for Target's Once Upon Now contest He's trapped. He couldn't breathe. The white walls were smothering him, the barred windows were taunting him, the ticking of the clock was killing him. Now the nurses, of course, they were there too, they were there constantly choking him, forcing the colored pills do...

  • Sleeping Beauty Syndrome #OnceUponNow
    372K 24.2K 16

    Rory Briar might be a sleeping beauty, but her life is no fairy tale... A modern take on Sleeping Beauty.

  • Feet Aren't Made for Walking [BEING PUBLISHED!] #OnceUponNow
    11.6K 1.8K 5

    One of the winners of the Once Upon Now contest! Feet Aren't Made for Walking will be renamed Truth Be Told and will be published by Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon and Schuster, on October 11, 2016 in the Once Upon Now Anthology! ---------------------------- Leo Clark is having a really bad day. He's been transpor...

  • Of Sirens and Beasts (Top 10~OnceUponNow) Being Published October 11th
    27.9K 3.2K 7

    One of the winners of the OnceUponNow contest! Of Sirens and Beasts will be published by Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon and Schuster on October 11th in the Once Upon Now Anthology! Football uniforms and tutus do not make a pretty picture. That is what Cal's football team, the Beasts, strongly believe. So when thei...