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  • The Witches' War : The Five Warriors
    845 184 25

    There were screams everywhere... Enemies attacking, fire burning, people dying, children crying... That was what I remembered when my village was burned down to dust. It all happened in just one night. I lost everything. I can't let it happen again. No one should die in this coldblooded war. In order to protect m...

  • Little Nightmares 🔸newscapecrew AU🔸
    14.8K 789 10

    "You don't look like you belong here, did you pinch yourself to see if you'd wake up from a nightmare, or could you still be asleep?"

  • Drop of Momentum - Culpa
    557 36 1

    - reboot - (Drop of) Momentum is a fantasy adventure fan fiction based around the characters and slight personality of the NewScapeProduction crew and friends. A person with no recollection of anything wakes up unable to move a single muscle, but a familiar face offers them his help. They decide to trust the unknown y...