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  • Feathers and Fur (Eagleator x Hawkodile x Dr. Fox)
    2.9K 87 14

    A fanfic based on the show Unikity in CN. This happens after the episode Action Forest. When Eagleator left he felt something in his heart and he went to the Unikingdom to treat it. Then the brilliant Dr. Fox found out the truth and it developed into a Love Triangle with jealous mixed in. Well the title is pretty much...

  • Captured
    18.8M 405K 57

    OPTIONED BY SONY TELEVISION PICTURES & KOMIXX ENTERTAINMENT 2014 Watty Award Winner, Selected by @PPZmovie for the Best Female Horror Stories, and Selected by @TheReturned for the Best of Horror! Kidnapped, blindfolded, and thrown in the trunk of a car, Abriana Vega's date with Easton Pierce has taken a t...

  • Mystery's Book of Art
    170K 11.4K 200

    A collection of my art. This will consist of mainly: • Awoken Art (Warning for Spoilers) • My Little Pony Art • Miraculous Art • Anime/Humans • Video Game Fanart • Not really much else I do not do requests; if you ask, I will be forced to shove an aloe plant down your throat, thank you very much. All art belongs to me...

  • Facts of Jay
    1K 130 27

    Trying this again.

  • Wonder 2
    127K 1.9K 9

    August finally is starting to fit in until he starts to join the wrong group of kids who use him. When August starts to find out, he tries to slowly fade away from the group and join his read friends again. But things aren't as easy as it seems, family troubles are making things even harder for August.

  • Scary Or Weird? True Stories That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You!
    1.3M 46.7K 281

    Welcome to scary or weird, TRUE stories that will scare the crap out of you! You will read a chapter, and comment rather it's weird or scary. If the said chapter scares you, then comment scary, if it doesn't, then type weird. This is a book of TRUE terrifying scary stories that will make you look behind you at night...

  • CreepyPasta stories
    158K 1.8K 83

    Horror stories coming from the internet into your mind hope you enjoy these bundle of horror stories The creepypasta monsters have come from their home territory of to the Wattpad world Keep in mind I don't own these I just post these so that you don't need to go to the website...Hope you enjoy the s...

  • Awoken from the Rainbow Factory
    1.2K 37 9

    Watch the song in the chapter before to get a better understanding of the story.

  • Kids Next Door ( kuki x wally )
    6.6K 151 5

    tye kids next door is no more well since they all turned into teen(they are all going to be the same age) and now in hight school and wally finally is realizing his feelings for kuki well shenfeel the samd or dose shd likr someone else who knows but lets finf out. im not the greatest writer but ill try my best ★~★

  • South Park Style: Prom Night
    20.4K 734 7

    There is a prom at South Park high and Stan has been crushing on Kyle since the fourth grade, and doesn't know if he likes Stan back, so Stan plans to ask Kyle out to the prom. I don't own South Park uPDATE:: i made this when I was 12 dont read lmao i only keep it because I'm a sentimental bitch

  • Alone and scared
    332 9 2

    Kai has lost his mother and father now he is running their shop. He has to take care of this younger sister Nya.

  • Loss * Lava shipping*
    455 17 2

    Kai has been dumped by Skylar and he is Depressed. No one sees through his barrier expect one black haired boy. My Oc is in this as Lloyds girlfriend I ship Greenflames, this is my 2 favorite ship okay Good,

  • (OLD) Purity - The Loud House
    26.6K 1K 10

    NOTE: this is old as heck, please be careful when reading it. It doesn't represent my current writing skills or anything. Basically, don't read this, it's bad lmao * This is a sequel to my previous story, Corruption, so please read that first before this! * It's been one year since Luan committed suicide, and it's bee...

  • (OLD) Insanity - The Loud House
    24.3K 687 17

    STOP READING THIS PLEASE Luna Loud is the rockstar of her family, always playing the guitar and songs for her own enjoyment and also for her siblings', but one day, she suddenly stops. It isn't noticed at first, but over time, everyone has noticed Luna's lack of enjoying herself. Things also get worse, and one day, Lu...

  • (OLD) Corruption - The Loud House
    58.5K 2.1K 10

    NOTE: hey, guys, just putting this here to let you know this is the first story I ever posted on my account and it doesn't match my current skill level. I'd appreciate it if you read my other stories rather than this one because there's so much wrong with it. Thanks. ... Everyone knows Luan Loud as the family comedian...

  • Take control (Book 2)
    7.3K 349 14

    The ninjas thought everything would be fine. But they are dead wrong. Something happens and it's not an illness or anything but something to do with Kai especially now that he is a Xania. Please read book 1 first, if not some things may be confusing. #423 - ninjago (22/06/18)

  • On a String
    15.1K 605 21

    Kai returned 'successful' from a solo mission, but his 'victory' cost him the ultimate price- his sanity. Now, shocked by the state of his friend, Cole steps in...only to find that healing Kai won't be easy. Warning this does get brutal kinda like my No Escape book

  • Help!
    7.3K 613 36

    Kai get's kidnapped by the latest villain, Shadow. Lloyd is being threaten. Help!

  • Monster...are you not? (Book 1)
    14.7K 609 10

    Kai came back from a solo mission to kill the Xania's leader. Xania's were known as the worst enemy anyone could have. They would kill anyone, whether friends or family. They are merciless. Kai was found unconscious and was brought back to the bounty. That was when things started to go not so well... A series of bad...

  • The Demon And The Angel
    3.7K 211 25

    Kai Smith an 18 year old who had nothing but a bad past and a bad reputation. For he's a demon. A soon to be leader of hell, taking the place of his father. Even if he doesn't want to. Then theirs Cole Brookstone a 16 year old angel soon to be ruler of heaven. Though he lives most of his days on Earth. But what happen...

  • Homeless (A Starco Fanfic)
    48.8K 1.4K 31

    Marco Diaz is tired of all the bullies and decides to give up. Just before he's about to end it all for himself, he meets someone that'll change everything for him. In a good way. He discovers a secret about his new "friend" and everything changes once again, not just for him this time, but for Star Butterfly as well...

  • The Rainbow Factory *ORIGINAL*
    11.8K 254 1

    DISCLAIMER- I do not own this story, all credit goes to Aurora Dawn (original song by WoodenToaster). I had noticed that the original fanfiction wasn't on Wattpad, so I decided to put it out there for every pony to read. It's an amazing story, and very well written. WARNING!!! Involves excessive gore and cursing. Lin...

  • The Experiments Of Twilight Sparkle
    49K 333 8

    This is not my story. I really like this story and I do not want to take any credit for making this story. Please enjoy.

    Completed   Mature
  • Ninjago News And Stuff {FINISHED}
    26K 1.4K 69

    News and other Ninjago Stuff {FINISHED}

  • Ninjago Truth Or Dare
    6.8K 334 59

    basicaly wat da title iz sayin' I also dont own ninjago or any fanart in this book

  • There's Something in the Woods - A Slenderman Fanfic (COMPLETE)
    3.1K 95 18

    When Lindsay and her family move to a remote location in Northern Germany, things seem to be going well. Until a strange figure appears in her life, that is. With just herself and a loyal local boy against a supernatural being, will they be able to escape the forest alive? (This short-ish story has now been completed)

  • Creepyninja!!! *A Creepypasta Ninjago crossover*
    779 17 3

    After Nadahkan was defeated, a new enemy shows up... one with magic... what will happen to the ninja? Will Ninjago be safe again?

  • Greenflame Book 1
    34.7K 856 21

    Greenflame fanfic. I see these all over wattpad, so I thought writing one would be fun! I will probably update this once every week and a half, I'm not really sure yet, but ya know I'm still figuring out schedules and stuff.

  • Mlp Creepypasta World
    1.7K 73 7

    My Little Pony, Creepypasta world. Different endings, different perspectives. Don't you just love all the gory, deadly, My Little Pony fanfics? What happens when they all happen at once? I'll tell you what... Chaos. Gore. Anger. Sadness. Hatred. Insanity. (Keep in mind that none of these fanfictions are mine)

  • Lloyd A Different Beginning [ON HOLD]
    14.5K 438 24

    Lloyd is alone in the world, but after being so close to death the ninja find him and take him in. Life goes along and continues but when lord Gramadon finds out about what's happening to his son, he wants him away from any ninja and his brother. What will happen when the ninja see Lloyd as their little brother that...