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  • Tainted Rain
    118 5 1

    Arielle Benson hated the winter; it reminded her of how long it was since she lost her grandmother. But what she hated mostly was the rain; it was as if the heavens were crying for her. But on an unexpected rainy day, she meets a mysterious boy named Xavier who stood still in the pouring rain as if the raindrops were...

  • Finding Beauty
    66.8K 1.8K 41

    Seventeen year old Mckenzie Canton is not pretty. At least that's what she thinks. Insecure and self-conscious, Mckenzie has to live with the burdens of feeling ugly and worthless. But one day, her burdens take a different turn. When she finds a suspicious girl in her bedroom claiming to be a ghost of Mckenzie's inse...

  • Behind The Dangerous Secrets
    666 18 13

    SEQUEL TO A BRUTAL BROKEN HEART. It's been a whole month since the 'Kurt Mystery' and everything seems to be fine. Claudia and Paige are now best friends while Blake and Paige are currently dating. What could go wrong? A lot of things. When a new girl moves into town not only does she take an interest in Blake but tro...

  • A Brutal Broken Heart
    7.9K 141 15

    Paige's life is perfect especially because of her boyfriend. He made her popular and truly loved her. Then out if nowhere, her boyfriend Kurt is murdered. Paige starts to become depressed as everyone suspects Paige when she's completely innocent. The police were only able to find a little evidence but not much to disc...

  • A Popularity Project Gone Wrong
    106K 2.8K 22

    All Serena Davis ever wanted was to be gorgeous and popular. Instead, she is an insecure, nerdy, and an average girl with no self esteem. With pimples and glasses on her face, Serena definitely feels like the ugly duckling. After all, she's continuously bullied by her peers. When her family decides to move to LA, Ser...

  • White Ice
    3.6K 122 10

    All Bria ever wanted to do was skate. Her sister Jasmine may be a writer and her parents may be high class bankers, but none of that ever interested her. So after graduating from high school, Bria decides to attend a high class skating academy where only three of them will win a big deal and get to perform a skating...