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  • Fight Or Flight
    382 15 21

    I race down the street, the wind slicing through my thin jacket and tattered jeans. I turn a sharp corner, leaning into the turn, maybe two feet from the asphalt. I right myself and flick my jet black hair out of my eyes, only to see my destination is half a block away and drawing closer at an alarming speed. I pull t...

  • The Dream
    207 12 12

    Everyone has a dream. Skylar dreams of a world where she can talk to people normally, without feeling nervous at all. Ashbel dreams of a world where she can create her own music, for thousands of people to enjoy. When the two girls are paired up for an English assignment, they become friends. Close friends. When As...

  • One-shots - Ships
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    I dunno if this will really work... but it's worth a shot, right? I think I'll try righting some fluffy and lemon-scented stories if it's okay with you.