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  • How To Be A Tumblr Girl
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    Haaay baes

  • Tips On How To Be A Tumblr Girl
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    This is tips for beauty and some diys

  • How to be a Tumblr Girl
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    In this guide I am going to give you the best tips I can so you can easily become a 'Tumblr Girl' on either Tumblr or Instagram. I will be going through everything to beginning your account, what to post, how to gain followers, and how to act and dress like a Tumblr Girl. And if I left anything out or you have more qu...

  • Fashion, Makeup, Hair and All Things Beauty
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    This book was originally called "How To Be A Tumblr Girl" but I decided to change it because I honestly didn't like the title nor the idea of being a tumblr girl. But I didn't want to delete the book since many of you guys seem to enjoy it. I also have many more tips and tricks so I will post them here.

  • How to be a Tumblr Girl.
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    Have you ever wondered how to be that beautiful tumblr girl?Well,this book is for you it has all the things you need to know about being a tumblr from your username to the responsibility of being a tumblr girl.

  • How To Be A Tumblr Girl
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    how to be a tumblr girl tips

  • Tumblr - @itsbabygirlB
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    | Tumblr Posts |

  • tumblr.
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    cute n funny text posts brought to u by ur host me

  • Tumblr Text Post
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  • I Met Him On Tumblr
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    The Urban Dictionary defines Tumblr as ‘the end of your social life’ and Google defines Tumblr as ‘a microblogging platform and social networking website’ but neither of these definitions could tell Linnea that she’d end up falling in love on there. Linnea Gregg is like most other teenage girls, she likes scrolling...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tumblr
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  • tumblr posts ʕ•͡וʔ♡
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    i have decided to make a book on my fave tumblr text posts enjoy lovelies :') *UPDATE* THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH ❤️

  • the daily tumblr girl
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    this is where i'll post random things such as: lyrics quotes poems ideas etc.

  • Tumblr, Okay?
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    I'll give you a hint as to what this book is about. (Its Tumblr.)

  • How To Be a Tumblr Girl
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    So Here I'm going to be teaching you guys all about how to be the classic "tumblr" girl Even if you don't want to fit in to the classic mold this will also teach you about some cool styles that are very in. So I really hope you guys enjoy!