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  • Class E
    24.2K 1.1K 22

    Skyler Shin and Cloud Shawn's Story. (Valderama-Smith Brothers)

  • My GAY GIRLfriend
    8.5K 384 13

    Christopher Jin Kuroda's Story Christopher Jin Kuroda has it all-- the fame, the looks, the money. Just a single wink from him and expect to have girls beg on their knees just to be with him. He's the epitome of the word casanova for having huge amount of girls. But among those girls, only one caught his attention...

  • Spy Next Door (COMPLETE)
    27.3K 755 27

    Everyone says being the 'bunso' is the happiest thing that can happen to you because everyone will spoil you. But in Ace's? It's quite the opposite. Being the bunso isn't easy so what should he do? Do something alone. "I am a hacker, a gadget maker, and a good friend but a bad enemy. I may be weak, but you're weaker"

  • The Vampire's Wife [COMPLETED]
    4.7M 103K 68

    Ang tao ay para sa tao. Syempre alangan namang para sa hayop diba? Isipin mo nalang kung anong pwedeng mangyari kapag ganun. Pero ibig din bang sabihin nito na hindi pwede ang tao at bampira? Tao pa rin naman sila diba? May dalawang paa, dalawang kamay, may buhok, may mata, at minsan nga mas magaganda at gwapo pa sila...

  • STB2: I am the BOSS [COMPLETED]
    840K 25.8K 52

    STB book 2 " You may try every second of your life, but you will never kill me. There will be no other boss than me. I am THE BOSS. Remember that" After five years, she woke up. Ready to take down those who wants her dead, and this time, it'll be not just for her, but for her family. A family that she never thought s...