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  • TMH2: Chaotic World Pt II
    785K 33.2K 31

    The Mafia Heir Book 2: Chaotic World Part II The chase continues, is the search's over? Is it the real ending? Who's the real enemy? Can Quentine still face the worst of her world? © 2016-

  • Don't Scream
    4K 171 1

    One shot story. Mystery | Horror

  • TBGT: The Prince's Gal
    50.6K 2.3K 22

    The Bad Girls Tale: The Prince's Gal ♕ He's a royal blood Prince while she's a royal bloody pain. He's good, well, she's the worst. But what if this two opposite person meets? Uh-uh, are we expecting a royal rumble? Romance | Taglish dew © 2016-

  • TMH2: Chaotic World Pt I
    2.3M 78.4K 54

    The Mafia Heir Book 2: Chaotic World Part I Death has become her only escape to create a new beginning. Everything has change, everything fall into darkness. Madness consumed her, bounded to take what's taken from her. Another chaos to come, another life to fall. No one can escape her wrath, she will not spare any evi...