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  • Arcana Academy
    11.7K 397 7

    When she entered the academy, secrets are slowly unfolding one by one. What will be her life entering the academy? Join Alessandra Methalia to her journey inside the academy and discover secrets.

  • His Bitch Possession
    250 20 4

    Being a bitch is my signature. Elithiya Luci Monte Caro

  • My Bride Is An Assassin (Under Construction)
    1.2M 27K 58

    'She's beyond as demon. Ruthless than a devil. Merciless than an evil. Scarier than satan. She's the Goddess of Death.' That's what people describe her. Paano kaya kung mag-tagpo ang landas nila ng isang gangster guy? And what makes the worst ipapakasal siya dito. What if he knews that His Bride Is An Assassin? War na...

  • MBIAA II: Mafia Wars
    582K 14.4K 58

    18 years after. A new problem to face. A new opponent is coming to ruin their lives. An opponent who came from the past. Let's have an adventure again together with our main characters. Credits to: @Dkengerous for the cover.

  • MBIAA: The Wanted Assassin
    46.4K 1.5K 19

    Andromeda Addison Just by hearing her name, everyone is having a mixed emotion. But most of them are frightened. Just by hearing the notorious assassin name can make them shiver on their place already. In the Assassin Association not only in the US everyone fear her. She's a merciless cold hearted person... She kills...