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  • The Youngest Jauregui.
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    I'm Emily Analise Jauregui ,yes, Jauregui. I am Lauren Jauregui's youngest sister and well, my sister's fame with Fifth Harmony is going to make a huge difference in my life,so welcome to my crazy life.

  • What Are You? (Dinah/You G!P)
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    Y/N Archer is a 19 year old spy, but there is something about her that nobody but the spy organization knows about. Y/N was experimented on, and now, she's a mutant with very unpredictable powers and abilities. Y/N is Fifth Harmony's new private body guard.

  • Big Bad Wolf (Lauren/you)
    26.6K 692 14

    Y/N Hansen, Dinah's unknown 5 minute older sister is visiting, more like tagging along on her sister's tour. The Hansen's have a secret, it's about their two daughters and Normani. Y/N gets hella pissed one night and reveals that very secret her, her sister and her family have been trying to keep. Will Lauren the 'lam...

  • Imagine
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    Lauren/You imagines it only gets better from here ;) AND DON'T COPY OR WE'LL BE FIGHTING okay thanks :)

  • Playing the Court (Lauren/You/Camila)
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    Two half-sisters competing for the same team, and maybe a few girls.

  • The Teacher and The Stepmom
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    *Camila/you/Lauren Self explanatory really. Just read the book.

  • The Enemy Lauren/You
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    Y/N Y/L/N is playing softball for her high school. They are starting the season off against there rival school. There's a new girl on the rival team that might just throw Y/N off her game. (Look I suck at description so there most likely be a prologue, but I'm not sure yet.) G!P Y/N Cover: @SLOTHTATO Started: Septe...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Life - Lauren/You [On Hold]
    16.8K 698 7

    "This is the life" or Where you get to see the rise of a young star, dealing with love, and everything that comes in celebrity's life, good & bad. G!P Y/N First book of the 'Rise to fame' series. Cover by @SLOTHTATO

  • From afar Dinah/you
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    Credit to: Dinahscroptop Dinah one of the popular mean girls of the school you could say with her friends Normani and Lauren , she has been stalking y/n from a far for a while now Dinah is intersex Dinah got y/n's Instagram by a mutual friend but the thing is Dinah bully's y/n and sometimes hits on her, Dinah has beco...

  • Your Protector (Lauren/You)
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    Y/N is now fully recovered on her injuries, her and Lauren is now happy with their life. She continued to train Camila and Dinah but of course behind Ally, Normani and Lauren's back. She stopped being the ninja because Lauren wished her to, Lauren don't want to get hurt again. The girls of the fifth harmony started to...