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  • How To Train Your Alien
    789 30 2

    In deep space, the crew of the commercial starship Viserion is awakened from their cryo-sleep capsules halfway through their journey home to investigate a distress call from an alien vessel. The terror begins when the crew encounters a nest of dragon eggs inside the alien ship. An Terrible Terror-like organism from in...

  • The First Xenomorph King (Re-Write)
    3.9K 46 10

    There's Three types of people, There are the scumbags, the people who ruined my life...then there's the bystanders, the people who just sit and watch life get ruined. Then there's me, someone who is always hurt, always betrayed... That is until I met someone...or something... she was a Dark spiney bannana head monster...

  • Xeno-8
    2.2K 125 8

    Weyland-Yutani Corp, finally achieving it's goals, has captured and contained hundreds of xenomorphs, including a queen, and has run tests and experimented with each in the hope of controlling them. All were a fail, and as they were about to wipe the batch and provide more hosts for the queen's children, they realize...

  • Hyrbid//Alien fanfic
    411 11 2

    Carter, a girl experimented on after the Alien encountered. Blood from the Alien queen was given to her, causing her to grow the alien tail and alien claws. She escapes and runs into the aliens. Since her blood is theirs, they except her in, and she provides them safety away from other humans. But, a new species call...

  • An Unbreakable Bond
    14.8K 314 17

    At the age of 6, young James Connor Britton was abandoned on the recently discovered planet JV-537, which was colonized by explorers. When Connor meets a new "friend" he is quickly adopted by her. Throughout the years of his life, he learns that strangers can be the kindest...

  • Xeno Love
    12.8K 223 13

    A squad of Colonial Marines are sent in to investigate a mysteriously quiet colony. What they find there is not what they expected. Weyland Industries wants the Xenomorphs the squad finds and eventually gets it. One member of the squad realises how sentient the Xenomorphs actually are and how evil Weyland actually is...

    Completed   Mature
  • Xeno wish
    27.5K 801 15

    Maya, a girl who has an ambition to kill all the students and people who harmed her and her loved ones. By her side is a queen xenomorph that puts thoughts and plots into her head to overcome the problems in her way. The queen gave Maya power to control over her warriors and communicate with them and herself. (Based o...

  • Alien Love
    115K 1.8K 27

    This story is about a male Alien who falls for a human.

  • Aliens: AfterLife (Alien fan fiction)
    17K 542 22

    A new brand new guard for a Xenomorph research station has leaned something interesting about himself, he can communicate with xenomorphs. He does not no why or how but he can and they try to ask for help to escape and the company won't be so happy if he chooses there side....or the predators.... *only reason I put i...