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  • Sesshomaru x Reader (lemon) Beneath the beast
    260K 4.4K 29

    Will the senka maiden live another moment with the unpredictable Sesshomaru, will rins hatred towards her send him ibto a blind rage? only time can tell because either way the senka maiden will die

  • (Koga x Reader)
    21.7K 848 9

    A girl named (y/n) Tsuniche moved to japan she has wolf ears and a tale. she lives in a old shrine alone the shrine is of a wolf King. (y/n) finds out she has his blood in her. She wakes up and sees a wolf and follows it,then finds herself in a time long ago. So she can lern to use a sword with a strong power. she mee...

  • Inuyasha X Reader
    65.9K 2K 19

    A inuyasha x reader story filled with one shots! Hope y'all like it. Vote and comment

  • Love at first sight (inuyasha x reader)UNDER EDITING
    19.8K 484 22

    You are Josie you live in the house right next to kagome you both are best friends and it all changed when kagome went in the well. You grew dog ears and weirdly got good at fighting. You hair and ears turned red and felt alive one night you follow kagome down the well and right when you went through you were greated...

  • Inuyasha x Reader
    121K 4.3K 27

    !! Please do not mind how bad this story is, this was written a few years ago !! You are a half-demon, a nine-tailed fox. But, you don't know all of your powers. One day you were at school with your only friend Kagome, as you came upon your last class Kagome asked you to come over to her place, and of course you...

  • Inuyasha x Reader
    16.6K 564 4

    well here you go. thanks for being patient enough for this story.