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  • Detective Conan: The Secret {1} [EDITING]
    23.4K 695 17

    The stories about detective Conan fan made! And by my own of course... Characters: Shinichi Kudo Conan Edogawa Ran Mouri Kogoro Mouri And more! 2018: just letting you guys know that if you're reading this ahead of time, I'm just letting you guys know that although you may like the story, I started writing this WITH...

  • Pandora [A Detective Conan Fan Fiction][COMPLETE]
    22.7K 842 15

    We know already that Conan is Shinichi. It was because of The Black Organization who made Shinichi drink the poison. Well, the poison did not take effect because it only made Shinichi shrink into his seven-year-old body. However, what if it happened the other way around? What if it was Ran who run away and saw the cri...

  • Detective conan: game over (fanfic)
    18.5K 1K 34

    Some parts from the story: Conan's pov Every minute to me was like a year , oh if i just was 7 years old again its 100 times better than ....... - Ran pov .....i didn't believe my eyes conan'kun has .... - Haibara pov ....i still don't believe that, agase also was very surprised,.... - Yukiko:is it about shin'chan, do...