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  • Irresistible[A Michael Jackson Fanfiction]
    53.4K 2.9K 45

    It started off as a typical day for Karyn Williams: work until 6pm, then go home and relax. But one thing goes wrong: her car spins out of control on her way home during a massive snowstorm. She has no cellphone, and her home is miles away. She nearly dies in the snowstorm until one brave man saves her life. ~Michael...

  • Beautiful Stranger - Michael Jackson fanfiction
    149K 8.5K 64

    (Dangerous Era) Michael Jackson has hit a low point in his life. He never knows who he can trust, most people just want him for his money. Everybody thinks he is a freak who is trying to turn himself white. They say he is a shell of his former 'thriller' self. What happens when he takes a walk on the beach and comes a...

  • Forever And A Half || Michael Jackson
    68.3K 4.1K 49

    {Michael Jackson Fanfiction Awards winner 2016} {Bad era - 1987}. Citria Espinosa is a girl who aims to live a carefree life, due to the desire to escape the harsh reality she lives in. However, when she stumbles across a man named Michael, on the curb of a road, in the countryside she lives in, he shows her that his...

  • Oath (A Michael Jackson Fanfiction)
    413K 16.8K 94

    This isn't your typical love story. --- "I don't blame you for anything. Do you hear me? I don't blame you for anything. I got myself into this mess, you had nothing to do with this. You were the one getting me through it in the first place. Talking to you gave me hope. It got me through the day. Please don't blame yo...

  • The Teacher Next Door {A Michael Jackson Fanfiction}
    215K 10.8K 60

    A teacher and a student can never be together . . . so what happens when they're no longer teacher and student?

    Completed   Mature
  • Love from Another (A Michael Jackson FanFic)
    8.7K 475 22

    Jealousy, deceit, and danger surround this young love as they navigate love and life all while on the worlds largest-selling 1987 Bad Tour.