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    Aphmau just moved to Phoenix drop she and she misses her old friends from home (Jin ,Ross ,Barney ,and Sky) But she is excited to make new friends. Join Aphmau in her high school journey to friend, boyfriends, and bullies. Cover by: LivtoDie (deviantart) This story is currently on hold due to being in a writers block...

  • Destiny Army. (Book 4)
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    Katz and Kala are married, Lucinda and Steaven are married, Garroth and Cadenza are married and are Lord and Lady of Pheonix Drop. Everything has settled down some what but now Jess has desided to go on a mission to search for the remaining super heros aka Avengers team. (Captain America, Black Widow, Hawk eye, you kn...

  • Destiny Discovered (Book 1)
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    This is a mix between Minecraft Diaries and Super Minecraft Daily. I don't own the original idea but this book is mine except for most of the Charters. They belong To Aphmau/Jess and The Superminecraft Daily series. Hope you like my first Wattpad Book! Aphmau is attacked, with no one around to help Laruance and Garrot...

  • Destiny Transformed (Book 3)
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    This is the third book in my Destiny series. I don't own any of the characters unless otherwise specified. Read the other books in the series before this one other wise confusion is inevitable. Read along as Jess, Sky, Sly, Laurance and many others go on a journey to find Katz and give him the cure that he's been loo...