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  • You Aren't Scared? (Creepypast X reader)
    350K 11.6K 120

    Y/N S/N is a 16 year old girl with three older brothers. She had to learn how to be strong wih three older brothers to push her around. Creepypasta X reader

  • A New Life (Creepypasta x Reader)
    49.5K 1.1K 28

    Hello everyone! this is my very first story! So sorry if its not good...Anyways lets get started! If you don't have anything nice to say keep it to yourself please! This is my first story and I'm kind of nervous. Anyway please enjoy! (Y/n)= Your name

  • Ghosts (Creepy pasta x reader)
    278K 8.2K 30

    Y/n L/n...On the outside she looks like a normal girl, but if you thought that you would be wrong. You see, Y/n L/n could see ghosts. Because of this her parents abandoned her at a very young age and was taken into an orphanage...Not an ordinary one I might add. She was terrified of what she could see, very slowly get...

  • Silent Scream (Creepypasta x Reader)
    89.5K 2.1K 17

    Once upon a.. WAIT!! No, no, no! That's a wrong story :P There was a girl name (Y/n). (Y/n) has been upset with her parent for a while. Of course like normal parents would like is a perfect princess daughter. (Straight A's, A tidy room, ect.). (Y/n) was like a doll to them. (Y/n) always want to speak out and be...

  • CreepypastaxReader(Reader Insert)
    144K 4.1K 33

    You're a infamous serial killer called The Cutter. You arrive at the Slender Mansion and meet the Creepypasta's. Who will you be with, who will be your enemies?

  • ORDEAL INSANITY (a Jeff the killer love story)
    43.2K 1.7K 25

    "Sometimes Falling in love has it's price too." 🌼 all rights reserved© P.S: i rarely update

  • Heart Shaped Blood Stains (Jeff the Killer love story)
    280K 10.6K 32

    *Editing* - PART 1 OF 3 (Heart Shaped Blood Stains) - Kate Chambers was a sixteen year old sophomore, already moved out and on her own with her best friend Kyle, and living a completely normal life... That is until she finds a strange picture in Kyle's bedroom, of a man with a white face, a carved, f...

  • Cruel & Blue (Eyeless Jack story)
    1.7M 64.8K 77

    [SEQUEL TO Killer Protector (Jeff the Killer story)] In the quaint town of Gracewood, Virginia, Ao Matsukochi lives comfortably with her adoptive parents and her loyal friends. For her, everyday is full of practice and optimism. Though, every person has their quirks. Sam is her best friend, who also happens to be in...

  • Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios.
    2.5M 34.7K 41

    Are you in love with a lot of your favorite Creepypasta characters and wonder what you love life would be like if you dated him well this story will help you.

  • CreepyPasta X Child Reader
    232K 6.3K 78

    You, Child of death itself. Cursed to be hated by everyone and everything. Always to be the outcast. To be hated for being you. One of the worst feelings in the world. Though, you were found by a group of unnatural things. Though they agree to raise you, you can't get your hopes up... Yet.

  • Jeff The Killer X Neko Reader
    843 2 3

    (Y/n)'s mum died and her dad wants her dead. What will happen to Jeff's relationship with jade? Hope you enjoy ✌

  • Empty Promises (Bloody Painter x Reader) [ORIGINAL]
    148K 4.4K 20

    When your life gets flipped upside down by one, very unusual boy

    Completed   Mature
  • The artist, the puppet maker and the poet( Bloody Painter x Reader x Puppeteer)
    265 5 1

    3 way one shot. I got board so hope you like it.

    Completed   Mature
  • Bloody Painter x Reader
    3.3K 70 17

    Completed   Mature
  • Jeff the killer x Neko reader
    30K 799 10

    your a girl, a boy moves in next door with his brother and parents you live with your mom and you have your own little secret that is the reason you have no friends. (y/n)-your name (f/c)-favorite color (f/s)-favorite snack

  • the puppeteer x reader
    255K 8.2K 39

  • His Sacrifice || Eyeless Jack x Reader || Creepypasta ||
    1.3K 21 16

    Aside from being adopted, you lived an average college student's life. That is, until someone slaughtered a group of cult members that went to your school. While walking through the woods trying to clear your mind, your life takes a turn in a sudden twist of events. Warning: Adult Language, Bloodshed, and Sexual Humo...

  • The Black Rose ( eyeless Jack x reader )
    17K 460 10

    This is my first fan fic. So pleas don't be mad if I don't have any good stuff.

  • Creepy Pasta Lemon
    1.3K 8 5

    Lemon include bloody painter the pupeteer jeff the killer ticci toby masky hoodie sexual offender man slender man human grinny Well that's all dunnat worry i'll put some i love you alot my readers :-)

  • A Dead Race is a Delicious Race - Eyeless Jack X Reader
    88.4K 3.3K 30

    Your insides ached with pain, but you knew nothing could help you. Why did it hurt? It shouldn't. . . . You hated him! Hated him with every fiber within your being! Or so you chose to believe. . . . . If you wish to read it on Deviantart, here it is:

  • Be mine~ Jeff the Killer x neko reader x BEN Drowned
    2.7K 87 18

    Hey dude's and dudettes you might know me as neko-chan on Quotev. I'll be writing the same thing here as i'm writing there. hope you enjoy. (y/n) was Slenderman's secret adopted neko daughter. How is this going to infected the two boys?

  • The Puppeteer x reader x homicidal Liu
    5.9K 179 9

    Serenity(you) has a normal life she likes to Put puppet shows on for he little sister and brother. You was walking home that night arms felt like someone was watching you so you ran home. That night was just like the usual , you put on another puppet show for you siblings and then your family went to bed. That was t...

  • You're Mine (Jeff the Killer X neko reader) (on hold)
    5.9K 43 11

    Do I really need a description oh, but wait (Y/N) also has a small little secret read to find out what it is and see what happens next

  • Creepypasta love (Ben x Neko reader)
    14.8K 314 3

    This is my first x reader if I don't do well then hell with me bye X3

  • Eyeless Jack X Reader
    37.7K 932 16

  • Eyeless Jack x Reader
    156K 4.8K 22


  • Bloody painter x reader
    100K 3K 33

    You are the new kid in school. You are shy, timid and mysterious to everyone but love to draw, and a wicked sense of humour, but you have a secret that's so deep that you stay away from everyone. When you meet Helen Otis( A.K.A Bloody painter) will you open up?

  • Cruelest Of Hearts~Eyeless Jack X Reader
    205K 7.2K 46

    When the person you love most is violently taken away from you, you set out on a dangerous journey to find out what happened to him, making your life goal to discover the truth. What you don't expect though, is to uncover secrets that come out of the darkest abyss, accompanied by a cannibalistic creature with a navy-b...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Puppet Girl (puppeteer x reader)(Haitus)
    7K 216 11

    (Needs new book cover [help]) (Description Error) And I regret writing this book...enjoy #504 for etc ©2015 ThePuppeteerFan101 Story