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  • Break the rules **ON HIATUS**
    8.5K 270 11

    KevEdd (Edd is gender bent, and I apologize for any OOC actions or dialogue!!) Everyone can see that Kevin is nicer to the dork, Eddlianna, but what they don't know is that it's not because she's a girl. Things start off normal, but soon take a dramatic turn in a confusing way. Will they fall for each other? Or will t...

  • Prince with benefits (Royals #1)
    95.6M 1.7M 64

    ***Published under Pop Fiction Books & is now adapted into a game app with Chapters*** Emily Gonzalez's fiance, Sam, is handsome, has a good job and loves her-or at least that's what she thinks. But getting married has never felt right for her. What girl in her right mind would have nightmares about her wedding day an...

  • Double trouble
    8.7K 456 46

    I had no idea my life would change so much. It had its ups and downs... And i loved where i was, who i was and who was with.... But now i had to make a choice... Do i leave it all or stay. ----- Naruko, she is used to her world but then when an enemy sends her to a different world she is in for a treat. Will she be ab...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Mercenaries Dark Desires (ICS Book Three)
    202K 9K 8

    Highest Ranking #5 in vampire!! You don't need to read the first two stories to read this book! A human cursed with immortality, Nicholas Storm courts a death that will never come. A skilled mercenary Nicholas is hired to save a creature he despises, a Forsaken vampire. Alexandria Lockhart is a vampire seeking redempt...

  • Be My Juliet
    1.5M 39K 55

    Penelope recently moved to England to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. She never expected to fall for anyone, especially the Youtube sensation Dan Howell, better known as danisnotonfire. Will their relationship work, or will something get in the way? **Warning: May be triggering. ©writingmaniac321

  • The Hunter's Queen (ICS Book Two) - Wattys2017
    2.7M 104K 47

    Vincent Shaw is defeated, half-dead, and broken in more ways than one. A powerful werewolf now in exile Vincent's mistakes haunt his every step. Evelyn the Meek is a sweet little half-ling and a skilled alchemist. With her own tormented past Evelyn risks life and limb to nurse a broken werewolf back from the brink of...

    Completed   Mature
  • Claiming of the Demon King (ICS Book One)
    4M 149K 43

    Purchased by the Demon King, Victoria O'Hare is thrown into the world of the immortal. Brutal and ruled by instinct, the Demon King comes to her in the dark, filling her world with pleasure and fear. Cursed and broken, King Sebastian struggles to control his inner demon. He now owns a sweet little beauty. One who call...

  • Licensed to Kill- Book III
    770K 34.2K 43

    ** COMPLETED ** Sent from Italy to return to America, Elena is teamed up with her closest ties to a Mafia, which just so happens to be the Manfredini Family. After arriving, she creates her goal to avenge her parents and get to the bottom of why they were killed when she was only a young girl. Elena is licensed to ki...

    Completed   Mature
  • Reign- Book IV
    52.9K 1.4K 3

    When she was only a little girl, Alessandra Manfredini was forced into lessons that claimed to make her a "proper lady" in the future, and so that she'd marry well into becoming a heiress. She had always wondered what a bit of freedom was like....since she was always locked up in a room all day. She could've called he...

  • Kidnapped By A Billionaire (#1) ✅
    15.8M 511K 115

    ----- She was SUPPOSED to "dance" for the man. She was SUPPOSED to get seventeen thousand dollars. She was SUPPOSED to leave that club and shove the memory in the back of her mind. That was SUPPOSED to be the end of it. But things are not as simple as they are said to be and so Jessica Monics has found hers...

  • Borgata - Book II #wattys2016
    8.5M 359K 38

    VENDETTA SERIES TRAILER: ***NOTE: This is Book 2 of the Vendetta series. I recommend that you read Omertà before this book so that you have a gist of what's going on. However, this is a prequel, meaning this story happened before Omertà, and CAN be read on its own! :) ** ...

  • Fatal Alliances
    21.5M 808K 62

    "Look, if you're-" "Shut up." I was taken back at the sudden manner in which he spoke to me. "Let's get something straight Miss Greene, I don't appreciate people talking back at me. And quite frankly, you're crossing your limit with me and my patience with you. So from now on, as long as you're with me you'll do as I...

  • When The Sun Goes Down - A Midnight Mafia Novel
    12.3M 518K 64

    ----- In serious need of revision! ----- Wanna-be journalist Kate Santoro would do anything for the scoop. Anything. Including finding her way into an underground club exclusive to only those in the Genovese mafia and the beautiful women they employee. What could be more perfect? She would stick to the shadows, snap...

  • Chasing Stars - A Midnight Mafia Novel
    7.2M 339K 69

    Completed Book two of the Midnight Mafia Trilogy Katherine Santoro has done the unthinkable. She's fallen in love with the leader of one of the five largest mafia's in the country. Even worse? He loves her too. But when push comes to shove and Alessio's lifestyle becomes a danger to what little family she has left sh...

  • Five Star Hotel
    19.1M 656K 44

    |#2 in Romance 2/20/16| *** " he sent you here. The dirtiest, grimiest, most vile building in New York City. The building where countless have silently lost their lives. "He sent you to this Five Star Hotel so you could feel the fear that comes without having his protection. He picked one of the most dangerous p...

  • Beyond The Pale(On Hold)
    6.4M 220K 39

    We're always drawn to something we can't have. I just happen to be drawn to a criminal, a man who is beyond the pale. "Mi Amor, put the knife down." His words were so calm and husky. They weren't suppose to arouse her. She was holding on to the butchers knife with her dear life. "How do you know where I live! You s...

  • The life of Jessie Parker
    240K 6.7K 38

    Jessie parker followed in his fathers foot steps and took over the well known gang that his father Hunter parker runs with his wife. Now Jessie is the leader of the gang he finds him self in some trouble and can't get Hunter and Ember to help him because they moved back to England. Jessie is known as the badboy at Cal...

  • The Nympho Club (Erotica 17+)
    84.5K 675 13

    A group of neighbors find themselves in a sticky situation when a marriage gone wrong takes a big turn down a road with no return. Madi a well known relationship counselor based in New York city has a bad habit of sleeping with her clients, the male ones that is. What will happen when a client decides she's exactly wh...

  • Married to the Bidder
    6.6M 211K 50

    Isabelle Bleiken was only there for a job, and it was just another day when suddenly a group of men kidnapped her. She doesn't know what she was gonna do until she woke up in an unfamiliar surroundings so when the blindfolds were removed and she opened her eyes. It was a nightmare, she was in an... Auction??? Differe...

  • The Billionaire's Daughter
    152K 5K 42

    What happens when a desolate heiress meets a cheerful and handsome working student? Will they conquer the odds of being together or will they let the pressure of school, peers and family affect their relationship? Current ranking: #18 Chicklit - March 13, 2017

  • Immortal
    3.6K 151 5

    I have envisioned this only in my dreams. This was my passion. My ultimate fantasy. Now that it is in front of me, exhilarating feelings overcame my senses. Completeness. Bliss. Love. Happiness.

  • A Billionaire's Daughter ✔
    91.8K 1.7K 14

    My life was actually better than this before he walked in who am I kidding it was shit.This is the story of how I became the first female president kidding this is the story of how I Emily Cane became The Billionaire's Daughter. Cover By: @reeawhatever

  • The Lost Heiress (Completed)
    91.9K 2.9K 37

    Pennie, a 20 year-old orphan, is a girl who turns out to be the long lost heiress of IRIS, the biggest & most successful aviator empire in the world. Suddenly, Pennie has a new family, the Monrova's, that has been searching high and low all these years for her. She also meets and becomes close to a group of teenager...

    Completed   Mature
  • Princess In disguise #1
    10.8K 211 6

    This story series is of a girl name Elda and she lived in England she is 17 years old and lost her mum when she was born this story is about her going to a new school and getting teased because she is blond and smart with blue eyes no one knows why she didn't want to be popular the most popular girls in the school are...

  • City of Thieves
    2.6K 193 27

    The boy grabbed the arm Laura was holding the axe, catching her off guard. She struggled, pulling hard to get away- but he was too strong. He twisted her arm as the axe dangled helplessly from her fingertips. She chocked out a strangled yelp, dropping it to the floor; the eco growling no louder than the silent raging...

  • Saving Taylor.
    164K 5.8K 35

    Taylor has always been the outcast. She sits alone at lunch and hardly ever talks to her peers. Spiraling into the world of depression and self harm, she believes that her life is worthless. She hasn't had a friend for years. That is until the new boy, Rhys, befriends her. And as their friendship gets stronger, Rhys w...

  • He wants Me
    352K 8.2K 35

    Tamia was young, far from naive and a little too sweet at times. Kaleb Cason, the guy of both her dreams and nightmares, wants her and despite their clear attraction she refuses to give in to his advances. Kaleb Cason is young, hot and bad - Very, Very Bad - but, after meeting Tamia his not so bad side begins to s...

  • Too Old to be Babysat (COMPLETED)
    210K 6.4K 22

    At age 16, Sahra (read as Sahara) is forced to take a job demanded by her mother. Luckily, her mother knows of a job where she will babysitting two boys. Piece of cake right? However, she finds herself in a situation where she will be taking care of a nine year old boy… And a sixteen year old? Hey guys! If you d...

  • It Will Be Our Little Secret
    238K 7.7K 44

    "One glance and it makes my stomach tickle and a warm feeling comes rushing up. One touch and it makes my breath unstable. One kiss and I was his." Meet Auburn Watson. A girl who moved to a new town, determined to just fit in and be a normal student. Get good grades, and ruin her mom's relationship. Pr...

  • The Pizza Boy Stole my heart
    104K 3.6K 41

    Arielle Morgan is just your normal high school dancer. She then meets Kasden Smith. Your stereotypical high school bad boy. Who just so happens to be her Pizza Delivery Boy. Will this bad boy be able to win over her heart? Or will he end up hurting her just like her last boyfriend did?