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  • Love of A Wolf (Travmau)
    1.1K 40 4

    Jet black fur whizzed past me as I stood In a clearing, my sword In hand as I looked for the source of the creature. I was tackled to the ground by a fairly sized wolf, female... Is what I could sense, her snarl snapped me from my thoughts as her amber eyes stared at me. "Female," I spoke, her eyes only narrowed as sh...

  • A Spark In The Soul(Malachi x Reader)
    8.6K 322 2

    Years had passed since the young boys passing and now he is a ghost who roams around the mansion as a lost soul who cannot leave... Loneliness, sadness and watching those who he loved leave him at the mansion he never felt anyones presence in decades.... All had changed when a young girl had visited the mansion just f...

  • Remember Me (Dante X Reader)
    10.1K 320 5

    Y/n and Dante were not only best friends,but lovers.They shared everything together,their first friendship,their first sleepover,their first kiss. But everything soon changed. Gene erased everyone in the village's memory of Dante,including Y/n. Nothing hurt Dante more,than hearing the girl he love say "Who are you?" 6...

  • Dante x Reader -- A katana Love Triangle
    516 9 4

    Dante, Malachi, Aphmau, Garroth and Laurence are in Malachi's mansion about to leave, when a weird Girl stumbles in. Who is she? Why is Dante acting so weird? Dante and Nicole get in a fight!?

  • Lost Memories {Dante x Reader}
    282 11 2

    You have been traveling from your village, Solaria (anybody get the reference?), in search of a new village to call home. You come across a village called Phoenix Drop and you find that your best friend, Kiki, and her brother, Brendan, live there. They take you to the lord and the lord allows you to stay. You ask her...

  • Love Cures Scars(Dante x Reader) *On Hold*
    28.3K 986 16

    "He will pay... I'll shred him into dust...." You were a young girl at the age of 7 when you met him, your best friend. (Who? I'm talking about Dante! Duh!) That was then, this is now. Gene, that name you despise, he made everyone forget about your friend. That wasn't the source of your pain, however. The fact that yo...

  • Jealous? Garroth, Laurance, Aaron, Dante X Reader
    96.4K 3.2K 33

    (COMPLETED & REALLY BAD YOU ARE WARNED TURN BACK NOW) You are new in Phoenix Drop and 4 Guys have already fallen in love. Who? With none other than you. You're a mischievous catgirl who likes pranks and making guys jealous. Also you love kit-kats... You are actually half goddess, but no one thinks you are since you ar...

  • Living with a secret.
    1.7K 26 13

    Aphmau ran and ran far from her kingdom not knowing her what she just did. She ran till she could not anymore. Leaving sorrow where ever she went. Over time she learned how control her secret. She meets these people who know who she is, they become friends and go on adventures with her whale not get her angry or expos...

  • Aphmau A Hybrid (Slow Updates)
    1.9K 50 4

    This is my 7 book. It will be taking time since out of all my favorite book it's my Aphmau Secret In High School. I just don't know why but I do. Well i hope you enjoy this new story. Take care, bye my little monkeys.

  • Hybrids - Jess' Past
    39.6K 945 13

    What will happen when Five boys come to the gates of Phoenix Drop? Will Jess remember them or will she not know who they are? Find out in Hybrids - Jess' Past. P.S. I completely respect aph's and sky's marraiges but this is just a story.

  • "Within Us" || MCD Boys X Reader (Slow Updates)
    101K 3.1K 24

    Within Us, can Lie an evil... We never Knew we had. The journey of One Girl who wants to find her past, Faces things that bring her closer to her future. With One Step, Brings her closer; can she Be the Life or death? A single Relic Changed her whole Life, Bring none forth of her past; As Described to be a Descenda...

  • Hiding The Monster Within[continuation of Who Needs A Monster Like Me?]
    45.4K 1.6K 17

    It has been 6 months. 6 months in O'kasis. And 6 months since I ran from Phoenix Drop. It was for the best. It was for their safety. I have a decent home and work as Zane's personal guard. He doesn't even knows it's me, Aphmau.Heh, I bet the people of Phoenix Drop are happy by now. Garroth and Laurence probably told...

  • Hidden~Book Two~
    5.5K 205 8

    5 years since Shi's sacrifice and......death. She sacrificed herself for the lives of her Zane, Garroth, Aaron, Vylad, Zenix, Sasha, and Gene. Not only did she save these people but she purified the Shadow Lord's soul, and now Shadow Knights have no reason to live. Some commited suicide, many tried to live normal liv...

  • The Mermaids of the Phoenix sea (ON HOLD)
    3.1K 89 11

    Check out Pirate of Meteli by Endergirl78 because that's where I got the idea. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aphmau is a mermaid that lives in the under water town of Phoenix Drop. One day, she gets captured by pirates.

  • Born a Shadow Knight Minecraft Diaries/ Rising Of Phoenix Drop
    19.6K 553 10

    I was born a shadow knight being stuck in this world for over 900 years because of a curse......

  • The Few
    5.4K 152 12

    A cross over between Super Minecraft and Mystreet. Aphmau's Uncle, Loki, seeks revenge on The Few, planning to take them down one by one. Jess and Castor try to get the old group back together while Jess's other friends stay close behind...

  • Aphmau: Agent Code 1079
    29.3K 948 24

    Aphmau, the best assassin that the world has ever seen before was sent on a mission. The Organization ( better than the FBI ) * no offense * relies on her as she has to make a heart wrenching decision, to stay or not to stay?

  • Her Hidden Self. Abandoned
    14.7K 1 2

    This book has been left. Please read the latest chapter for information.

  • Aphmau's Secrets
    60.6K 980 38

    Her name was Aphmau. She was not the one you call pure. She wasn't a vulnerable girl, she was strong, and a badass. She was not raised by her parents, she had to raise herself in this brutal world. Her parents died from Butchers when she was five years old. No one would bother to help her, all she could do is just sta...