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  • Lunar Whispers
    7.4M 362K 89

    (BxB) *Completed* Jacob has been shy almost his entire life. He is reserved, has an introverted soul and struggles to communicate in this stereotypical society. He has a deep issue that he has tried so hard to keep a secret from the outside world. Feeling alone and scared he considers giving up his battle. Will all t...

  • My Snarky Tutor(Boyxboy)
    1.6M 40.5K 48

    When Noah Chambers close to failing Biology, his teacher suggests that Eric Stevens,the unlikable straight A student, should tutor him. Eric refuses at first but eventually does It. The two get off at the wrong foot but quickly get attached to each other without knowing how much they need each other. What if they were...

  • One Shots MxM (Mature)
    762K 10.5K 16

    Warning: most one shots in this collection are mature, and should only be seen by those ages 18+ for mature sexual content. Requests are currently closed.

  • Blow Me [One-shots] BoyxBoy [CLOSED]
    1.6M 21.8K 12

    My knees felt week as he approached me with a mischievous smirk playing on his lips. He pressed me to the wall, leaning so his muscled torso touched mine. I felt a shiver ran down my spine as his soft lips whispered in my ear. “I will take you now...” I gulped as his hand traveled down my body, to my very obvious...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bad Cupid (BoyxBoy)
    1.2M 48.9K 49

    (Undergoing some editing) He was the light in my darkness, he wasn't a star in my twilight, he was the whole damn sky. || Highest Rank - #10 in Teen Fiction on 24/09/2017 - #40 in Romance on 10/10/2017 Adien Lester is bullied, physically, mentally and verbally. His mother abused by...

    Completed   Mature
  • alpha blaze (discontinued)
    6.2M 211K 52

    He knew sorrow. He knew pain. He knew sacrifice. But he never knew anyone like her. She knew hardships. She knew strength. She knew determination. Yet she never knew anyone like him. __________________ Her life was built in the shadows, never being able to play with and act like the other wolves when she was a child...

  • It All Started With An Apple
    19.4M 520K 55

    Was published, but is now off the market--I'm sorry! Brianne is the opposite of her best friend, Kyla. Kyla is open-minded; Brianne is closed off, judgmental. Kyla is a hopeless romantic. Brianne? Not so much. So when Kyla shoves an apple into her face telling her to throw it across the cafeteria so she can find...

  • The Comeback
    2.3M 74K 26

    *past* "Just leave Mary Grace." Teddy says to me with a blank stare, but I could see sadness built around them. "But Teddy, why-" I begin to say as a tear falls down my cheek. "No one wants you here loser. Ted never liked you. He just felt sorry for you." Savannah Oak says beside Teddy. I look to Teddy knowing that he...

    1.2M 49.8K 46

    Finding your soulmate is a rare thing in werewolf world. those who are fortunate enough, find their significant other without much trouble. Marcus Novak, Alpha of the Blood Claw Pack has been looking for his mate for as long as he can remember to the point he is on the verge of giving up. One night while patrolling h...

  • Take Out Chef
    13M 509K 50

    *Now an Audiobook form HachetteAudio & Wattpad* When Jessie enters the new cooking school, she's bound to crush on her bad-boys classmates; instead, she finds herself intrigued by the alluring presence of her teacher, Chef Bryan. He's arrogant, bossy and moody on the outside. However, he seems to have a sweet spot for...

  • I'm The Gang Leaders Possession || Wattys 2017
    18.1M 818K 54

    || Highest Rank - #1 in Humor || Aria Daniels has one of the most vivacious personalities ever. She is a crazy teenage girl that is impossibly hard to drag down. So what happens when she finds a letter telling her that her brother has been kidnapped and won't be returned unless she pays sixty thousand dollars? She do...

  • The Good Girl's Bad Boys: The Good, The Bad, and The Bullied (Completed)
    79M 2.7M 80

    "It's quite simple really," Bennett told me. "You'll be our good girl," Declan said. Jordan smiled. "And we'll be your bad boys." I was silent for a moment. I looked at them, at the contract, and back at them. Then I calmly put the papers back on the table. I looked at the three of them and slowly rose from my seat. "...

  • Silently Falling
    27.9M 1.2M 44

    Completed as of September 6, 2016 #1 in Teen Fiction "Sunshine, what guy do you know has a weird fetish with sign language?" She's the aftermath of a high school party nightmare. Tragedy robbed her of her innocence and stole her voice before she had the chance to speak out. The court called her a liar, and the guilty...

  • Behind Crimson Eyes
    380K 14K 54

    WEREWOLF/ FANTASY Highest Rank: #70 IN WEREWOLF #2 IN PAIN **COMPLETED** "I, Peter Hale, soon to be Alpha, reject Ruby Johnson as my mate and future Luna. You are weak and not worthy of being my and this packs Luna. You are nothing." "I am sorry. I can't do this; I have a girlfriend that...

  • My Alpha
    4M 59.8K 20

    Kaila Hataway is a book worm, who trys to keep to herself. Reading has always been her escape, ever since the day her dad was attacked and killed in front of her. After a year of living in a place where her dads memory haunts her, she and her mom decide to move to a new town for a fresh start. She trys to keep her h...

  • What About Now?
    218K 12.9K 40

    "How can something so beautiful be so deadly at the same time? Looking down at my hands I can't help but wonder why I was chosen. I'm a monster with a special gift, but I can't control it. The werewolf inside of me, she's powerful, and I don't know how much more longer I can suppress her. This so called gift is the re...

  • Black Widow: A Vampire's Bodyguard
    165K 5.5K 30

    "So you think you can be my guard?" Aiden circled me. I broadly smiled, raising brow in his direction. "You should see me in action." He smirked, stopped and scratching his chin. "I have...on the news. You nearly dissapear on the cameras. I love that, you move fast yet people know you're there. It sends fear in thei...

  • Prince with benefits (Royals #1)
    96.7M 1.8M 64

    ***Published under Pop Fiction Books & is now adapted into a game app with Chapters*** Emily Gonzalez's fiance, Sam, is handsome, has a good job and loves her-or at least that's what she thinks. But getting married has never felt right for her. What girl in her right mind would have nightmares about her wedding day an...

  • A Stranger's Touch -- Wattys2015
    319K 4.3K 9

    Mature Content. 18+ readers only. This contemporary erotic romance contains sex, guns and ropes, banter, a cute couple, bdsm, danger and an overly protective hero. Falling in lust with a stranger is easy. But will Liz be able to trust the dangerously handsome guy she just met? And why is he so darn protective? One gu...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Am Living With an Idiot
    20.5M 642K 82

    Vena Anderson, a nineteen year old girl has moved away from home to attend college. She has no desire to live in a small dorm room and having to live with a complete stranger, so living in an apartment for her college years is her next option. The only flaw in her plan is that she can't afford it without a roommate. V...

  • All It Took Was One Look (BoyxBoy) {Book1: Blue Moon Series}[Sample](On Amazon!)
    26.8M 497K 59

    The last 10 chaps will be taken off from the book so it will be a really long sample lol. Find it on Amazon! =^.^= [WARNING there is BOYXBOY action in this story so if you don't like it DON'T READ IT!] Awesome cover by AEBauer! Aiden is your average seventeen year old senior with crazy best friends and a very suppor...

  • I'm Forever Yours (BoyxBoy) [Twincest]
    421K 9.6K 18

    [This book will contain- at numerous times- two GUYS acting upon feelings- which means sexual acts. So, gay sex is present! No likey no readey! Please move on! Oh, and I think there are only three R-RATED scenes in the whole book, so it's R for those three! Thanks] Tyler and Ryley are twins. Twins that are extremely c...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kissed By An Angel (Boyxboy)
    114K 4.4K 36

    Jesse is a 16 year old guy who gets abused by his father and bullied by people at school because he's gay. He thinks the only way to escape is to commit suicide, until he meets Chris the new guy in town that just happens to be bisexual and the same age as him, who makes it his mission to protect Jesse. Is Chris really...

  • A Love To Fight For (BoyxBoy)
    268K 7K 19

    King has never had a family,he was never taught to love, he was never taught anything but to fight and fighting was what he was good at. But what happens when he is thrown into high school and a new family? Will he adjust or will he cave into the pressure of it all? Rowan never had a father figure. Raised by single mo...

  • Ready or Not
    216K 5.9K 23

    "Your mine," I tell her, trying to control my breathing. "As your mine." She whispers back, her sweet breath fanning across my face. We smile goofily at each other. I can't help but feel like the luckiest man alive as long she's wrapped up in my arms. ............ Camille is twenty years young. With a long life ahead...

  • Twin mates for twin alphas - book one of the twin series boyxboy
    1.1M 42.3K 33

    After one horrific night, wolf twins Luka and Lucas had to run for their lives. The worst part was hearing their parents screams as they left. Alone for a whole year they make their way smoothly. On the night of their first change things take a turn but is it for the worse or the better? Twin alphas Damon and Dante a...

  • Mine (boyxboy werewolf)
    1.1M 36.3K 40

  • Mine
    507K 15.2K 27

    "Leave me alone," I growled at Ryder, attempting to pull my car door out of his grip. He held onto the door with a death grip, staring down on me. "I can't do that, Brielle," he shook his head. "Why not?" I snapped, annoyed he wouldn't leave. "You're mine." What?

  • Mute
    203K 6.5K 28

    Alexandra turned mute when her mother left her and her dad at the tender age of 8. Her father turned abusive towered her. Alex was considered a freak at school just because she didn't talk. An unfortunate accident brings her and the schools bad boy together. Read to find out if they will overcome all the obstacles t...

  • The Fear List (The Fear Series, #1) ON HOLD
    83.5K 4.2K 29

    ( #249 ChickLit ) Sometimes, a mistake is all it takes... Shy girl Molly and bad boy Ren live in two separate worlds. She lives precariously, avoiding mistakes that haunt her past, while he flaunts the rules and lives on the edge. What happens when a bet causes their worlds to collide? Can Molly let go of her fears...