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  • Different Worlds
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    In the world of Fiore, there are two people in Team Natsu. A blondie named Lucy, and a pinkette named Natsu. The world desires them to separate,((a.k.a: NaLi fans)) which makes them die. One mysterious person helps the two, because that person knows, they were meant to be. The person helps the two by switching them in...

  • Chasing (lemon)
    54.5K 725 1

    Lemon lemon... Oh how we love lemons

  • Dragon and the Princess ( Fairytail: NaLu [ Fanfiction ] )
    253K 4.1K 21

    I frowned as I look on his eyes, his eyes that telling me something - something that both of us don't know. An emotion that's new from the both of us. I inhale softly before I decided to say something when all of the sudden. A small girl hugs me on my waist which makes me gasp a little. "U-Ummm..." I start - the smal...

  • Unprepared
    252K 3.7K 15

    If you have seen Lucy Heartfilia, a blonde who is said to still be in highschool, anywhere please call 1-800-NALU;) ⚠WARNING LEMONS AND FOUL LANGUAGE⚠ Disclaimer~ I do not own any characters from fairytail, I just simply own the plot line~

  • NaLu Lemons
    676K 6.8K 14

    here is a basket of sour nalu lemons/one shots. read at your own risk. must be thirteen or older to read this sexual content. ☒ ωαяиιиg ☒; rated t for sexual content, and strong language. (used fan art made by rboz)