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  • Two Different Worlds, Two Heroes : Percy Jackson and Harry Potter [EDITING]
    1.1M 22K 35

    Two different worlds collide as Percy Jackson, demigod and Harry Potter, wizard comes face-to-face after having dreams about each other. They are both in the middle of a war and could just be each other's solution to saving the world. [Set in Harry Potter's fifth year and after the Olympian war in Percy Jackson, right...

  • Percy Jackson Memes
    128K 5.2K 75

    The title explains it all.

  • Adventures at Camp Olympus (a PJO RP)[CLOSED--MOVED TO @CampOlympus]
    202K 2.1K 65

    *MOVED TO @CampOlympus* The Greeks and Romans have finally created peace, so they have decided to create a camp combining the two different cultures together, and that place is Camp Olympus. Say goodbye to your days of running away from monsters, because Camp Olympus will give you safety, new friends, and training! Du...

  • Mortals and Demigods
    333K 8.1K 43

    Mortals and Demigods. Mortals meeting our demigods :) (Wizards meeting our Demiwizards)

  • Ask the Demigods...
    5.6K 234 4

    Attention, attention all fangirls/fanboys of the PJO fandom, there has been a revelation. I wisegirl686 have gotten an interview with demigods!!! Not any demigods, oh no, I get to ask any questions I want to... the seven and Reyna, Nico, and Calypso (Thalia is busy with the hunters but she may stop in for a question o...

  • Heroes of Olympus: Happily Ever After
    31K 1.1K 15

    Once upon a time there was 2 guys who got lost and found friends, girlfriends, and enemies they then went on a battle to save the world... but we know how that all went down, but what we don't know is what happened after that. So welcome to happily ever after stage of the Percy Jackson story. Filled with proposals, ro...

  • Wrong Number
    20.8K 932 16

    Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus fanfiction AU-All mortal When Annabeth texts the wrong number, it leads to a chain reaction of wrong numbers and quite possibly finding herself falling for the green-eyed punk in reform school. **WARNING: CUSSING** [DISCLAIMER: DONT OWN A THING] (can be read as fanfict...

  • PJO and HoO Jokes and Quotes
    20.6K 1.1K 200

    Here are some quotes and thing in here from PJO and HoO. There are also some jokes and things that I found online. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THEM. It's mostly not quotes.

  • Solangelo
    668K 17.1K 50

    Solangelo One shots May contain: smut, triggers and feels. Beware.

  • Percabeth Daily
    50K 1.4K 15

    Your daily dose of Percabeth!

  • Percy Jackson Texts.
    16K 942 26

    If the PJ and hoo characters texted.

  • The Heroes of Olympus Play Minecraft
    45.2K 2.7K 21

    "Let's play this game!!!" exclaimed Leo one day over Skype, I don't know why we agreed to this but it might turn out to be at least slightly enjoyable. Come find out!

  • Demigod Roleplay
    589 21 5

    Here is where we will be doing our training, schooling, activities, and other things as well. Please feel free to roleplay as you wish, just do so in the comments. I will set up chapters that will represent areas. ~Elf

  • Percabeth children. (Discontinued)
    46.4K 952 43

    I do not own any PJO or HOO characters