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  • The Fabrizio Bride
    1.1M 29.7K 14

    From Golden Heart Finalist Alyson McLayne comes a new contemporary romance series following the boys of Saint Ignatius, who are all grown up and still fighting it out on the soccer field-and finding love in Sizzling, Sexy Santa Barbara. The clock is ticking for Sarika Dkany. After Sarika's childhood-friend-turned-love...

  • Her Innocent Smile And His Rutheless Heart <3
    1M 26.9K 42

    She was all the way innocent and he was simply heartless. She never wanted to know his ruthless ways. But he wanted to know her in any way.He was like fire and she was like moth completely unaware of his heat. He wanted to burn her in his burning desire but she just wanted to quench him in her coldness. Jake Rodrigu...