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  • Story Ideas 2.
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    TAKE WHAT EVER STORY IDEA YOU WANT. I'M NOT USING THIS ACCOUNT ANYMORE. part 2 of my ideas for the uncreative ♡ proven to be the best story ideas to ever exist on this addicting app and website.

  • story ideas
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    ❝I daydream a lot .❞

  • story ideas
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    incase you're stuck or bored. :)

  • Story ideas
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    Self explanatory

  • covers and story ideas
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    by meee

  • Book Covers
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    I make covers. If you want one: 1.Dm me asking for one. 2. Tell me : Name, Who the book is about (If Its A Fanfic), If there's is a certain person or thing or setting you'd like as the back ground of the cover, and if you'd like it published on here or privately on a different app. 3. Make sure you tell me feedback so...