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  • Merlin: Freya's Return
    1.4K 107 6

    In a land of myth, And a time of magic, The destiny of a great kingdom- -rests on the shoulders of a young woman. Her name: Freya. ******************************************************************************************* When Merlin's firs...

  • Xenocide
    360 33 9

    The galaxy has torn itself up. A twisted race known as the DarkSpawn start conquering planets, disrupting. 3 races (Humans, Venitori, and Argonians ) form an alliance call the Alpha Prime. A small truce made so they can defeat the DarkSpawn, then go their separate ways. Cara Redfox is a Venitori, skilled with dual dag...

  • Rebirth: The Trail Of Being Human (Book One Of The Oswald Tales)
    1K 166 6

    Book 1 in a series of books. Oswald isn't normal. He acts strange around other people, observing them like a hawk, poking at them, and asking strange questions. He looks funny too. Bald, stoic and skinny. A little too skinny. Some say he's mentally unstable, others that he's just socially awkward. But Oswald isn't no...