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  • One Email [YandereDev x Reader]
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    OK I'M SORRY I JUST HAD TO. IT'S BEEN IN MY HEAD ALL DAY AND I JUST NEED TO WRITE THIS. ----------------------------------------- You were just a normal girl playing Yandere Simulator, until you noticed something. You checked the 'known bugs' on the development page for the game, but the one you found wasn't included...

  • My Developer Senpai YandereDev X Reader
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    Ok I know there are books about Yandere Simulator but so far I have only found like 2-3 fanfictions like this one and being the weird nerd that I am I shall make one myself..........what am I doing with my life...... Cover by: @myawesomestar6

  • My Protector (Taro Yamada X Reader)
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    Update-STORY OFFICIALLY COMPLETE Paranoia, that's all he felt, depression, anger, guilt, confusion. Why were all these girls dying around him? Was he the reason why? Who's that girl with black hair who always watches him? Is he going insane? He's like a small child now, lost and unsure what to do anymore until he meet...

  • Lovely Lights - A Yandere Dev x Reader
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    Hey! So, I was browsing through the moments in my vid and person stated that they wanted a Yandere Dev x Reader. It's pretty good idea ;) So did one x3