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  • High School Soulmate (A Dean Winchester Story)
    7K 388 18

    Riley is just a normal girl who lives with her father. Dean arrives at her school and takes an interest in her. What happens when things start to go bad? How will Dean make it better?

  • Mr. Kind Eyes
    909 25 20

    A Dean Winchester Fanfic Find out what happens to the Winchesters and Angel during the Demon!Dean time period. But who's the narrator?

    Completed   Mature
  • Where it All Began//Supernatural Fanfiction
    444K 15.8K 23

    She isn't crazy. It's just that no one believed her. So she ran away, and on that journey happened to steal a very special, black 67' Chevy Impala. And that, is where it all began. ~Sequel now up!~ ALSO HELLO THIS ISN'T A ROMANCE OKAY PLS NO SHIPPING I'M SORRY FOR DISAPPOINTING I GUESS

  • The life of a hunter (Dean Winchester love story )
    63K 1.7K 32

    Katelyn Mariah Walker is an incredible hunter. Growing up as the best friend to the winchester's is not an easy task. Kate always felt a romantic pull towards Dean, while Sam was like the brother she never had. When Dean calls and asks for her help finding John, she picks up a pistol and hits the road. Will the relat...

  • My Angel (Dean Winchester)
    200K 5.5K 32

    When I first met him, we hated each other but everything changed once we got to know each other.

  • The Father of My Twins (Dean Winchester Love Story)
    290K 6.1K 29

    Vanessa fell in love with Dean Winchester seven years ago. Well, if you could call a month of weekend getaways together 'love'. Now, all these years later, Dean and his brother Sam are back in town, and Dean has no idea about Dean and Deanna- his twin children. When the two lovebirds finally find each other again, De...

  • Supernatural Imagines
    328K 9.9K 63

    Supernatural Imagine book that will contain smut, fluff and the occasional Destiel/Megstiel/Sastiel or any other ship with another character. Other than that, this is mostly x reader. BOOK WILL INCLUDE: Castiel Dean Winchester Sam Winchester Plus any other characters you would like to see! To request, Please find the...

  • Hey, Angel ° CASTIEL
    87.6K 4.6K 19

    in which she prays to an angel of the lord. [castiel x celeste jacobs] [supernatural; season seven-ish] [completed] [voted best castiel fic spn awards 2016] [voted best castiel fic tv and movie awards 2017] [voted best castiel fic supernatural community awards 2018]

  • Rock Salt and Silver - (a Dean Winchester fanfiction)
    141K 4.1K 25

    Stephanie Cale, hunter and like most, little friends or family. Her father? Missing. Mother? Dead for all she knows. And her brother is now missing too. But maybe, when Dean Winchester turns up, there's a new reason to keep going. (Book 1 of 2) © we_aretheyoung FANFICTION Editing from Oct 2017 Created + Completed:...

  • The Shadow~Dean Winchester LS
    93.8K 3.8K 17

    ''Boy, you don't know who you are dealing with'' Bobby barked. ''I think I can take some 'Shadow' ''Dean mocked. ''The Shadow is one of the most well known hunters ever. No one's ever seen it, it moves like lightning and can rip anything apart without a seconds thought. Nothing has ever came out alive. You'll be lucky...

  • The Hunter and The Lover
    83.9K 2.5K 28

    You (Katlyn Marks) have been hunting ever since you were 16 now 8 years later you are still hunting everything that goes bump in night. While on the job you have had your share of one night stands over the years but there is one that stuck in your head with a certain hunter with green eyes... Normally you are the one...

  • I Will Try To Fix You (Dean/OC)
    155K 5.6K 40


  • REGRETS | Dean Winchester [1]
    373K 9.7K 20

    ❝We all have REGRETS in our life.❞ But meeting her was anything but regret. --------------------- A lovely trailer by: @deprivation Published: July 2014 --------------------- BOOK ONE: Regrets | Dean Winchester [ Completed/Editing, because I'm a lazy ass] BOOK TWO: Faith | Castiel [Snail Updates] BOOK THREE: Choice...

  • Supernatural Preferences
    678K 18.4K 53

    This is where I'll write and take supernatural preferences and one shots! Feel free to request(: I'll try my best if you ask for destiel or wincest, but I mainly do Samxreader, deanxreader, casxreader, and charliexreader because Charlie is the best. Thanks for reading!!

  • Supernatural Preferences
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    Hope y'all enjoy! Requests are closed. -Dallas ❤️❤️❤️

  • supernatural one-shots || supernatural
    99.8K 3.3K 45

    More Supernatural preferences including imagines now! •••••• Cover References:

  • Supernatural Preferences
    439K 12.4K 73

    The title says it all it will include Sam and Dean and Castiel and Crowley Lucifer Gabriel Chuck Henry and Adam. Taking requests :)

  • Supernatural Preferences
    174K 6.3K 41

    Preferences for your favorite characters from the tv show Supernatural. Characters include: Dean Sam Castiel Gabriel Lucifer Crowley Balthazar Feel free to comment an idea for a preference or imagine.

  • Supernatural Preferences
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    Supernatural preferences! Requests are open! Hope you like it. Go #teamfreewill

  • Supernatural Preferences
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  • Sam Winchester's Daughter
    137K 4.2K 35

    So sam has a daughter 9 years old, Alexis. But he has no idea of her existence. Her mother dies leaving a note for her What the note says? You'll have to find out when you read this story

  • Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep || Dean's Daughter Fanfiction
    93.4K 3.7K 28

    Supernatural Fanfiction about Dean having a daughter. Only second story so don't judge too hard. I don't own any supernatural characters except my characters. Hope you like it. Personally I love stories like this so I hope you do too. Get ready for the feels, I will probably hurt you. You must have to watch the fourt...

  • Deans daughter(supernatural)
    91K 2.5K 15

    Emily was fed with demon blood as a baby and her mother was killed in a tragic house fire . She lived with her grandparents till demons come along looking for her . The demons murder her grandparents . she is taken to the police station were she happens to meet the father she never knew

    61.8K 2.6K 15

    Monsters are real. Everything is a nightmare, and Delaware Mags hunts them. Delaware meets two hunters, one that cannot part with the other, and the other addicted to demon blood. It's been a bumpy ride; Sam running off with a demon, trying to find Lilith and kill her, and then something goes horribly wrong and Lucife...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Demon Experiment [CASTIEL]
    314K 13.9K 16

    She is burning by his side. S h e i s b u r n i n g.

  • Sam Winchesters Daughter
    67.2K 2.8K 23

    A supernatural fan fiction, including Sam Winchester and his daughter, Rowan Winchester. Everyone has an inner demon. A different person living inside you, waiting to take over and change your fate. Rowan is 15 years old and in care. Her father left her mother the morning after their secret affair, And her mother die...