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  • The Next Selection
    13.1K 509 19

    **CONTAINS THE SELECTION, THE ELITE, AND THE ONE SPOILERS** Seventeen-year-old Mallory Britain has grown up in the newly-changed society of Angeles. Without the castes or the Selection, everyone can live in peace. But when Prince Ahren decides to host a Selection for himself, what will Mallory do? Love, loss, and fear...

  • The Six: Selection Stories
    80.5K 2.6K 26

    Brynly Bennett lives the life of a six. Always serving those above her. She has lived her life with just her mother and the tragedy of her fathers death and the disappearance of her twin brother when she was just a child. It's all about to change... ~The Six: Selection Stories

  • Labeled (A The Selection Fanfiction)
    119K 4.5K 48

    The Selection Fan Fiction "I, Clarissa Dossen, will never be free from the cage of other people's choices." Clarissa Dossen is a 17 year old girl sent to The Fraussen Prestige Institute, a boarding school for the rich and famous kids of Sarroine. Her mom has devoted herself to a lifestyle of the utmost lei...

  • The Selection ✓
    50.9K 1.3K 33

    The Kingdom of Illea welcomes you to the recurring tradition of the Selection in which thirty-five lucky girls aged eighteen to twenty-three are given the opportunity to be swept off their feet in the fight for their lives. The fight for his heart. She just wanted a change of lifestyle, a distraction to keep herself a...