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  • ⭕Sharing Souls⭕ (Soul X Reader)
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    You are Death the Kid's cousin,(y/n) Wings. You have just enrolled into the DWMA and don't know how your going to get through this,but then you have Chal, a frozen staff weapon that is like a sister to u!!

  • Death the Kid: Growing Up Symmetrical
    70.9K 2.8K 35

    A fanfiction about if Death the Kid had a sister his age. Also about Kid and Stein a lot because they are my two favorite characters. This is one of my first fanfictions so please don't judge harshly!

  • Sister of mine {Soul Eater Fanfic}
    28.1K 1K 25

    Black*Star was the last assassin in his clan~ Star clan. But he relises that hes the last MIESTER in Star clan, not Weapon. Seperated a birth Black*Star and Blue*Star find traces that they are twins, the last race of Star clan. [This is only a Soul Eater Fanfic. I do not own Soul Eater but I own this book. Copyrighted...

  • Black Star X Blind!Reader
    3.9K 207 6

    If you are new to X readers then (Y/n)- Your name (L/n)- Last name (N/n)- Nick name (F/F)- Favorite food (F/A)-Favorite Animal (Y/c)- Your country If you live in the US then (f/c)-Foreign country (S/n)- Street name (Y/n) (L/n) live in (Y/C)/(F/C), she has been blind since she was born, but she never felt blind. She h...

  • Soul Eater (Black*Star x Reader)
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    Read the story :3 C'mon, i promise that it will be good :2

  • Forgotten Promise (Blackstar x reader)
    174K 7.7K 49

    "Let's meet each other again once we grow up,okay ?" You're already in your 16th year of age. Together with your partner,Haruto,you went in the academy. There's this guy with the BIGGEST ego you met,and his name is Blackstar. He was quite familiar,but you can't tell why. Well,blame that accident that happened 10 years...

  • you can't have her to your self. Soul X Maka
    62.4K 1.7K 26

    Maka and Soul are out fighting Maka gets hurt really bad..... when she awakes she can't remember any thing! Will spirit let her remember? will soul try and get in the way of his plans! ~I DO NOT OWNE SOUL EATER~

  • Soul Eater Evens X Reader : Perfect Soul
    51.7K 2K 12

    This is my first story so feel free tell me what you think.. :D This story is a romance story with YOU and Soul! No guys this is not a lemon story so don't worry. I really hope you guys like it! I got the names from the anime called Soul Eater Don't forget to request anything and comment :)

  • Maka's younger sister( Soul x reader x kid x black star)*Editing*
    116K 3.8K 48

    Y/n Albarn is Maka's younger sister, they have the same dad. but different moms Y/n goes to death city to live with her dad for awhile, as y/n goes she meets her older sister and wants to spend every moment with her...but soul comes along and Y/n falls in love with him and not just him but kid and black star as well...

  • Black*Star has a Cousin?! Soul x Reader [On Hold]
    180K 7.1K 18

    Black*Star has a secret that not even Tsubaki knows about. But what happens when she comes for a surprise visit. Will Black*Star be overprotective towards his secret cousin? What will happen if one of Black*Star's friends starts to get feelings for his cousin? **DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS, JUST YOUR ACTIONS, WOR...

  • The day your life changed (Death the kid+ reader)
    103K 4K 38

    Your a new weapon at DWMA and on your first day you run into Death the kid

  • Maka's little sister? (Death the Kid X Reader )
    198K 6.3K 25

    Hi, my name is (Y/N) Albarn. I finally get to see my older sister Maka and my two best friends. The most exiting part is that I get to attend the DWMA. Will I be able to make a death weapon and will I be able to find love in the process. (A/N:I don't own Soul eater)