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  • Alley Cat { Avengers}
    3.7M 191K 45

    "I think she just stole my wallet." "Why would you think that?" "Because my wallet is gone!" The Avengers have handled the God of Mischief and an army of aliens. But can they handle a simple troublemaker? Or is the thief not as simple as they thought? Kit Dean has survived for as long as she has by living off of other...

  • The Hulk, The Witch, and a Darcy!
    863 29 1

    Everyone should know by now that Darcy Lewis has no self preservation. Or the one where the Hulk loses his chill and attacks Wanda, and Darcy walks away from it all with a new BFF. [Part 5 in 'The Avenger & the Civilian' series]

  • Page After Paige
    95.9K 3.9K 24

    I don't know what made me want to help this little girl. What I do know is that she can save me from myself. Her name is Paige.

  • Pepper and Avengers Babysit Little Tony Stark
    7.1K 185 6

    Tony turns himself into a 5 year old again, Pepper and the avengers are sent to babysit the trouble maker

  • Falling Into Your Life(Avengers/Bucky Barnes Fanfic)
    146K 3.7K 29

    What do you do when your father is Tony Stark, but you've never met him, and he doesn't even know you exist? Carter Mc'Cottney knows exactly who her father is; Tony Stark... Why won't she talk to him, meet him and become a part of his life? Well, because it doesn't work like that... He's a genius, billionaire, playboy...

  • Rescued (The Avengers Fanfiction)
    277K 9.9K 34

    Angela Pierce has had it rough since the beginning. Foster care. Bullies. Being kidnapped and experimented on. It's not all sunshine and flowers out there. Until one day, she's rescued by none other than the Avengers! This should be the turn around point in her life, right? What happens when secrets are revealed? And...

  • Like a Brother
    83.7K 2.6K 22

    Stephanie Rose Barns is Bucky's younger sister. Back in the 1940s Bucky had to go to war and she was left with Steve Rogers. Steve Rogers is like another brother to her and she needs him more than anything. When he becomes Captain America and fights in the war Stephanie knows about the harsh dangers. When Steve brings...