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  • Heart Attack (Death Note)
    13.9K 556 18

    My attempt at Light Yagami x Reader. I know my chapters are painfully brief but please stick with me. Give me information through comment or message and I will add your character for a chapter or two, maybe the whole story if it suits the story line well. I DO NOT OWN DEATH NOTE OR ITS CHARACTERS.

  • What's my name? (Light Yagami x Amnesia!Reader)
    393 14 8

    (Y/N) had no idea who she was. Memories: 0. On a fateful day she runs into Light Yagami, who takes her in. Slowly, (Y/N) starts to fall in love with Light. When the mysterious Kira starts coming around, (y/n) supports him. She would never kill someone herself, but she agrees with Kira.... Though there is a slight Plo...

  • Final Reign (Light Yagami x Reader)
    1.3K 60 4

    (Y/N) is a new student at To-oh University. She never really believed in the supernatural... Until she met Light Yagami. But what happens when a killer aiming to be the god of the new world becomes (Y/N)'s best friend? (Yes, this DOES contain spoilers for Death Note! Read at your own risk if you haven't completed the...

  • Sucked In (Death Note fanfic)
    91.4K 3.3K 19

    The not so normal girl with no name gets sucked into death note by an irritating shiningami, She gets the chance that every Death Note fan wanted, The only problem is Light... And his creepy obsession with her... well I'm sure she'll have fun... (Possible pairings, LxOC, BBxOC and one side lightxOC, it's the same OC b...