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  • The Spectre
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    "Are you afraid of me? Now that you've found out what I truly am?" GD asked me with worried eyes. To be honest, I am. I know he can see it in my face but I shrugged. "No I'm not. I'm not scared of anything." I told him. But deep inside of me, I wish what he had told me wasn't true. Book cover made by the amazing @Kayk...

  • Life Switched || BTS ||
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    We were just five, normal sixteen year old girls. Fangirls to be exact. Yoomi, Minjae and I are kinda big fans of Bangtan Boys. The seven membered boy band from Big Hit Entertainment. We never got to go to their fanmeetings since our parents think it's just a waste of time. We're not the sasaeng type of fans...

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  • I fell in love with my neighbour • bts v
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    Do you know when one experience in life can change everything about you? Kim Taehyung is the most famous cold kingka in the school. As in cold, I meant ice cold. He never smiles, never talks to girls, but he has another side when he's at home. Bubbly, cute and funny. He's the nicest guy you can meet. He meets a girl...

  • GOT7 FanFic: MY MELODY (Mark Tuan)
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    Things that are happening in Park Hee Young's life: 1. She is accepted to JYP Entertainment, as a trainee! 2. A mysterious guy talked to her after the audition. She wonders who he is. 3. He is from GOT7! But who is he? 4. Moving to the JYP Dorm, preparing to debut. 5. And then she realises, the feeling of falling in l...

  • It's hard to be a hero (BTS Taehyung)
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    It's hard to be a hero. It's hard to be a good person.