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  • Doll - Winter Soldier Fanfic
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    "Buck." You stopped him. He looked at you from across the room. He took his hand off the door knob and faced you still silent. He knew what you were thinking. "I can't." He began. "I need to be careful. I don't want to hu-" You groaned cutting him off. "You dont want to hurt me I get it. You won't hurt me Bucky. I kno...

  • Two athletes from different sports can they fall in love (Aaron Rodgers fanfic)
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    Hello my name is Aubrey white and I play for the Green Bay parrots a women's NBA team. This will be my fourth season with the team. The last name white should sound familiar because my dad is Ryan white a two time NBA championship winner and also my brother is Caleb white a baseball player for the Chicago cubs. Yeah I...

  • On Thin Ice (Editing)
    559K 20.5K 26

    For years, Violet was known as the Ice Princess - until a terrible accident at Nationals not only brought an end to her figure skating career, but also transformed her into a rebellious, reckless, and rude teenager. Violet swore she would never set foot in an ice rink again, but that changes when she wrecks her mother...

  • get pucked - l.h.
    202K 8.2K 56

    "Anyone that underestimates her," He smirked at the new kid. "Well... We call them pucked." ------------------------- Just a girl that loves to play hockey and a stubborn boy that doesn't believe her... at first. #99 in fanfiction 6/17/16

  • Breakaway
    624K 17.8K 22

    Portland Storm captain Eric "Zee" Zellinger knows how to get the job done, but leading his once elite team to victory is fast becoming a losing battle. He can't lose focus now-not with his career on the line. But when his best friend's little sister makes him an offer he can't refuse, Eric could lose the drive the tea...

  • My bros best friend
    212K 5.5K 30

    Me and my brother Ryder are pretty close. Me and Ryder's bestfriend, Reed, are pretty close to. A lot closer than me and Ryder. Things get really complicated when a family suprise gets in the way of things. I don't know if that's to much for me to handle

  • Reconnection (L.H.)
    26.5K 540 44

    What if a girl meets back up with her best friend in the world? Will they be friends again? Will they be less? Will they be more? Nikki hasn't been herself since Luke left her one day. He didn't mean to, but he didn't want to tell her that he was going to be in a band. He didn't tell her, she never found out. But...

  • Beautiful Mistake (Jake Virtanen)
    23.5K 424 18

    Waking up next to a stranger is always a sign of something bad....waking up next to an NHL hockey player is a sign of a horrible mistake.....Noelle Parker finds herself in that exact situation....well the second one anyways....will this so called mistake become something not-so-horrible??? Read to find out!

  • Our Love Needs Help (JJ Watt)
    8.7K 121 10

    Samantha Quint has been good friends with the Watts for a few years. JJ Watt and her used to be very close friends as kids. But, now that he's a big football star they haven't talk at all. What are they going to do when they see each other.

  • For the Love of Money
    34K 1.2K 13

    #WattpadJustWriteItChallange --Diamonds in the rough are a girls best friend.-- [[EXCERPT: "You aren't very proper for a socialite." He teases. "Haven't you heard? I'm the "black sheep" of the family," I say using air quotes. "Literally," he says while laughing. I glare at him with mock offense but his laugh is just...

    454K 12.9K 14

    Fashion student Lacey Weston is desperate to leave the city and go home to Jumbuck Springs. Her three older brothers are adamant she's not. They made a death bed promise to their mother that Lacey would stay the distance at design school and Ethan, the oldest, takes this responsibility very seriously. But Lacey is dee...

    Completed   Mature
  • Crosby
    103K 1.3K 37

    Tyler Lincoln has treated many athletes, but when THE Sidney Crosby walks in and requires therapy for an injury, Tyler instantly is smitten with him, despite not knowing anything about him. Will things work out between them, or will hockey get in the way?

  • Sure Feels Right // R. Bortuzzo
    49.1K 912 31

    "You know you're eventually gonna have to let yourself fall again," he told me. "Yeah," I whispered, "I know." Finished: September 2014 Edited: July 2015|

  • Covered In Ink
    12M 464K 41

    Hazel Harper isn't your average girl. Haunting events from her past have kept her inside her own little bubble, a wall that she has subconsciously build over the years. As new people emerge into Hazel's life, she realises how much she has been missing, she also realises that people aren't always who you think they a...

  • Loving You (Tom Wilson)
    18.4K 270 13

    Katherine is a college student, studying to be a sports manager. Her meets some guys from the capitals and becomes great friends with them. What happens when she finds herself falling for Tom Wilson?