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  • Babysitting - septiplier ( with a bit of melix )
    65.6K 2.2K 25

    Felix and Marzia are going away for a week. But they need some one to watch their daughter, Anni. Mark and Jack decided they would help out their friends. But watching Anni brings them to notice things about them selves they didn't before and can't quite explain...

  • The Best Teacher ~ Septiplier
    149K 8K 27

    *completed* Sean McLoughlin, also called Jack, has been homeschooled his whole life, and now that he recently turned eighteen, he's tired of it. He has made every teacher he had quit on him, hoping for his mother to let him go. But his mother ends up hiring Mark Fischbach, the best teacher out there. Jack ends up stuc...

    Completed   Mature
  • Serendipity (Septiplier) || The Boy Trap Book 3 (DISCONTINUED)
    115K 6K 13

    "Jack, what word would you use to describe our relationship?" Jack paused, thinking about his misfortunate life prior to the happy accident of meeting Mark. A grin spread across his face as he found the perfect word. "Serendipity."

  • Smutiplier
    304K 9.3K 51

    A collection of Septiplier smuts. That's...that's literally all it is. Um... I have good grammar? If that's important? It's important to me. This book is gay as shit lemme tell you.

  • The Punk And The Geek // Septiplier Completed
    101K 5.2K 41

    (WARNING!!: This is my first fanfiction so it's REALLY cringey) Jack is the punk in the school. The kid with all of the piercings. The kid with all of the tattoos. The kid everybody dislikes... Mark is the popular kid in school. Well, more of a popular geek. Flower crowns are his thing, and believe it or not, nobody m...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Boy Trap (Septiplier) || The Boy Trap Book 1
    814K 39.2K 26

    ~COMPLETED~ Jack has found out Mark's biggest secret. Mark is terrified; his secret is in the hands of his biggest enemy, or rather, his biggest crush. Jack makes an offer. A special favor, and he won't tell the school his secret. Thing is, Mark doesn't know what this favor is going to be. It could be easy, or knowing...