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  • Zanvis: Alone Together *Completed.*
    30.8K 834 13

    Everyone goes on a vacation to a forest, where they will be staying in a cabin for the rest of fall.

  • His to Claim~ A Garmau FanFiction
    31.8K 1K 31

    ~Warning: This book features graphic refrences. If you do not enjoy this, please do not read this~ ///ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO APHMAU///

    Completed   Mature
  • Jerk-face! [Zene] ( ON HOLD )
    8.2K 229 3

    <3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3-<3 Gene and Zane are pure rivals. Yet, they're falling in love with each other. Gene seemed very rough and obviously very attractive. He had large rough hands, a very muscular build. Might I add he was very tall. He was intimidating that way. He could stare into someone's sou...

  • Zanvis
    136 5 3

    Just another normal day in my street but something feel different in the live of Zane was it love or just some distraction.

  • Dear Lover~ A Zanvis Fanfiction. ((Book Three))
    45.1K 1.9K 23

    Yes, totally doing half of this as a Love~Love paradise fanfic.. Don't judge.. ~~~ Zane and Travis have talked about going on a honeymoon for weeks, but Zane is reluctant about leaving their 7 year old daughter and newborn son behind. Travis finally gets Zane to go with him to a resort that he got tickets to, lea...

    Completed   Mature
  • Gaurance - Not A Joke
    27K 896 15

    Our Bond Was The Strongest Thing On Earth, No Friendship Could Ever Be This Close Though. So.. Why Did I Feel I Had Something More For Him? I Remember It All Clearly, My Hands Running Through His Sandy Blonde Hair, My Eyes Drowning Into His Ocean Blue Ones, Our Lips A Centimetre Apart. Was It A Joke? Him Pinning Me In...

  • Gaurence
    5.6K 142 1

    ×∆× Hi!Welcome! This book is about Gaurence!Garroth×Laurence from Aphmau's fabulous series called Minecraft Diaries!Its a yaoi book which may contain some naughty thinnngsss....>:D Hey Garroth and Laurence you're going on my naughty list...Hehe. Don't fucking judge me! See ya later lovelies! Has mature content so I do...

  • A Larroth Story
    2.6K 68 8

    Laurance and Garroth are best friends but are they a little more then friends....?

  • ¿Gaurance?
    1.6K 45 3

    First off I wanna say this is not my art✨I'm reading too many Gaurance fanfics at the moment and I thought I would have a go at writing one myself. Sorry if it gets inappropriate at any point just stop reading if you don't like I'm just trying to be creative

  • Aphmau one shots ( boy x boy only)
    2.4K 47 2

    Cover is temporary

  • Minecraft: HerobrinexSteve
    15.2K 459 5

    Okay. I like yaoi. Don't read this unless you're interested-- or just don't read it at all because you're probably underage, but you don't care, do ya? Mmkay, read it or don't-- I don't really care. So, just a warning- there will be some PRETTY hardcore stuff in here. This is a HerobrinexSteve Ship. No need for a desc...

  • We're like ying and yang~
    1.3K 73 8

    Zane and Travis along with all the others have graduated high school. Watch as they try to survive college. Who will they have as roommates. Who will fall for each other.

  • Help Me Through This Pain I'm Feeling - Completed
    4.9K 223 26

    Zane, Vlayd and Garroth Ro'Meave move to a new school with their abusive father Garte. Zane thinks life will still be bad but it turns for the better when he meets Travis Valcrum.

    Completed   Mature
  • Im Not Inzane! A Zanvis. FF
    147K 4.6K 44

    This is a story between Travis, the silly yet charming, and Zane, the emo yet lovable. watch as there adventure plays out through love, adventure, and hardships.

  • Zanvis | true love
    25K 498 14

    Zane x Travis fanfic

  • Zanvis (Book 2)
    584 17 4

    2 guys, they love each other or so THEY THOUGHT!

  • Zanvis (Book 1)
    24.4K 1.1K 30

    2 guys, They love each other OR SO THEY THINK... Do they date or break?? READ TO FIND OUT