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  • band obsessed - luke hemmings
    52.1K 2.3K 13

    in which a punk rock boy exchanges notes with the girl that plays her music a little bit too loud (alternate universe) /completed/

  • I Don't Love // Punk Luke Hemmings
    120K 2.5K 35

    demons and angel don't get along. Or do they?

  • More Than Yesterday (Punk Luke Hemmings)
    3.2M 104K 84

    Sequel to Run

  • Run (Punk Luke Hemmings)
    8.4M 247K 79

    Allison Montgomery wasn't your average teenage girl. She liked punk rock bands and dressed in all black almost all the time. She already had a hard time fitting in at her school in Cleveland, Ohio, so she figured she would have an even harder time fitting in at her new school in Sydney, Australia. When she meets Luke...

  • Mine. (Punk Liam Payne Fan-fiction)
    221K 6K 34

    "You and I will NEVER happen Liam! I can never love someone like you." she said tears spilling from her eyes. "I don't think you get it, sweetheart. I always get what I want." I pushed her against the wall, feeling the friction between our bodies. "Why me? Why can't you just leave me alone and find someone else?" ra...

  • Bk 1: Just One Touch **Punk Michael Clifford FanFic**
    66.5K 2K 25

    "Who's that?" I asked looking at the tall figure standing further in front of me. "Oh that's Michael..." Ashton replied looking at me, I kept my eyes on the guy with piercings and tattoos. "He's looks uh tough, better be careful he looks dangerous!" Ashton point out. "Yeah? Maybe you shouldn't judge on appearance...

  • Harsh | Punk Luke Hemmings
    3.4M 69.5K 57

    || härSH adjective 1. unpleasantly rough or jarring to the senses.|| "I'm really glad I found you, because if I didn't it would've been goddamn shame."

  • Claimed (Punk l.h)
    703K 15.3K 30

    ~ "Oh no, I can't fight it. Even when I hate it I still wanna like it." ~ "Life isn't about wishing you had taken a chance and regretting you didn't, life is about taking it and even if it doesn't end as well as you had hoped, you took the risk and that's what counts. That risk sums up everything when I'm with you, an...