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  • Obsidian (Sequel to Alien) Jason McCann Love Story
    4M 88.1K 76

    Jason "The Devil" McCann was an Absidian. Juliet Rayne Bieber was a Hekoran. How does the trouble making, evil, and soldier race get mated with the purest, most innocent, and sweetest race? Absidians and Hekorans just don't mix. Jason McCann was Obsidian. He was the molten...

    Completed   Mature
  • Runaway Love {2} | Justin Bieber
    87.1K 2.7K 32

    Secret Love Sequel. Runaway Love: Good Girl Gone Bad. "You know that I can't live without you and I am doing this because I want to be with you forever. I don't care about your brother, I don't care about the consequences. You are the only one I care about." {Book 2 of the Secret Love Series}

  • Secret Love {1} | Justin Bieber
    148K 3.9K 31

    Secret Love: In love with the Bad Boy. "We fell in love with each other when we shouldn't. This is so wrong but it feels right. I want you. So bad. But I can't have you and it breaks me." • {Book 1 of the Secret Love Series} (c) to bieberfrappe (twitter) for the pictures :).

    Completed   Mature
  • STALKER | Justin Bieber as Jason McCann
    270K 9.5K 95

    "Stop with your damn attitude and fucking love me for gods sake!" He screamed, his bloody eyes balling out and his veins popping out. "I don't love you, I never will! You're disgusting and no one sane would ever think of loving you!" "You-" His hands and legs began to shake as blood brought his face to a darker shad...

  • Doctor Bieber | JB
    237K 11.7K 44

    "Y-You're the guy," the girl pointed to me, "that saved my shoe. I mean, my life, you saved my life," she corrected herself. - please remember that this is an a.u (alternative universe), any references or similarities to actual events, real people-- living or dead, or to a real place are intended to give the story...

  • ARRANGED | Justin Bieber ✔ (BOOK ONE)
    563K 21.9K 45

    Arranged marriage, it doesn't occur as much in this modern society. Or so people think. In reality, it would shock you how high the numbers are. It also just so happened to occur between two complete strangers. A famous soon to be CEO and a girl with no say in her life. It was inevitable something would hap...

    Completed   Mature
  • BOUND | Justin Bieber ✔ (BOOK TWO)
    550K 23K 46

    Time has the power to change people. He was no longer the man he once was. And she was no longer the naive girl she once was. It was inevitable something would happen between the two. After all, the famous CEO and the mother of two - they were bound to meet. (Sequel to ARRANGED) WARNING: This book contains mature con...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Ain't All Bad-Jelena Fanfiction
    163K 6K 51

    No one has ever seen Jason McCann and he is the most wanted criminal. Jason goes under the name of Justin Bieber, and unknowingly saves Selena. Story contains dark themes like self harm and may be triggering. ✖Rated R✖

    Completed   Mature
  • Ride Or Die
    1.5M 39.6K 89

    Paisley James was a normal girl until she ran smack into the unexpected life of Jason McCann, a killing machine. By:Daesha on Quotev

  • The Boy Next Door
    1.6M 56.5K 86

    Brooklynn Thomson, is a teenage girl from the big city known as New York. When Brooke's parents are gone a little too long on a business trip, her Aunt and Uncle force her to move to Canada with them. Upon her moving in with her Aunt and Uncle, Brooke meets her next door neighbor, Justin. When they meet, things start...

  • Mark My Words| Part 3 to: To The Moon&Back|
    287K 6.9K 61

    "Mark my words... That's all that I have Mark my words... Give you all I got In every way I will You're the only reason why Ohhh, I don't wanna live a lie"

  • Two Hearts, One Beat (Justin Bieber Fan Fiction)
    124K 3.3K 57

    Do you ever wonder what would be like to live in your dream? To instead of sleeping and trying to remember in the morning what you had dreamed about, you were in it. Living through it as though its your life? I wish. Sometimes it's better to have a dream than face reality. Reality isn't like a movie. You can't rewind...

  • Lonely Together (Justin Bieber Fanfiction)
    301K 9.1K 42

    Jess is a nineteen year old girl who lives on her own in the most perfect small town on the coast of North Carolina. But what happens when a new guy named Justin comes to town and tries to get closer than she wants? Closer than she's ever been with anyone? On top of all the drama of her mom going missing, Jess is unsu...

  • Breaking Boundaries •jb•
    2.1M 61.7K 67

    When Hazel Lopez falls into the arms of Justin Bieber on a busy New York sidewalk, it's no secret that with one gaze at each other they're intrigued. Meeting at a charity ball not more than a week later could coincidentally be fate; however they soon find themselves falling for each other... Fast, hard and deep into a...

  • All Grown Up | jdb
    106K 2.6K 62

    Only 14% of people meet the love of their lives in high school. Even then the odds of going to school with the legendary Justin Bieber are even more small. But the odds of happening to find him again after having become one of the worlds most influential pop stars are astronomically small. A number so insignificantly...

  • Rejection
    116K 6.6K 51

    Three high school students were brought together by friendship but separated by love. Sam Hunt, a typical tomboy been best friends with Jason since their childhood days, she discovers she has deep feelings for Jason but unfortunately Jason is in love and obsessed with the new girl Jennifer Graham. "In big places, litt...

    Completed   Mature
  • Runaway (Jason Mccann)
    586K 17K 77

    Amber was a nobody. She was a slave. She had nothing. No friends, no life, no anything. Jason promised he would care for her and always be there but can Americas biggest criminal keep promises? -contains graphic scenes throughout-

  • 50 Shades Of Justin Bieber.
    283K 5.9K 76

    Life for Justin Bieber has always been the same: Flirt Fuck Flee Sometimes he'll even get their numbers so he can use them if other girls get annoying. But something's change. Jessie Anderson has had a life of heartbreaks and tears. But what if the player and the heartbroken mix?could this mean changes in let alone Je...

    Completed   Mature
  • Check Yes or No (Justin Bieber Love Story)(COMPLETE!)
    2.6M 31.1K 42

    Teegan Brooks and Justin Bieber have been bestfriends since kindergarten. They spend every day together until, Justin's musical talent is finally discovered and he's whisked away to Atlanta Georgia. After 4 years of being seperated, Justin and Teegan finally reunite but, will their relationship be as strong as it once...

  • City Side • {Jason McCann} hiatus
    9K 519 31

    "You shouldn't be here, you know." A dark, raspy masculine voice echoed throughout the eeriness of the alley. "Who are you?..hello?!" I asked slightly panicked, Tyson growling protectively down near my feet. A figure emerged through the shadows and all I could see was his gold tooth that reflected off the street lig...

  • Damnation ➳ jb [COMPLETED]
    533K 19.7K 60

    •[DAMNATION: /damˈneɪʃ(ə)n/ noun 1.condemnation to eternal punishment in hell.]• - - So, what happens when you start catching feelings for the #1 fuckboy of the university, who happens to be in your group of friends and acts as if he hated you? Or, what happens when he confesses he has feelings for you too, but your...

  • True Colors
    1.1M 4K 5

    Multimillionaire Justin Bieber doesn't like to show emotion other than anger and pleasure. He's one of the youngest richest man in the world and nothing will get in his way, that's until he meets Amethyst Evrgreen. Not everyone gets their happy ending and in this story, happy endings don't exist. (going under some hug...

  • The Innocent Love of Jason McCann
    1M 15.7K 34

    Jason McCann, innocent face but criminal mind. If it wasn't because of the Las Vegas Police Force, he wouldn't be in jail. He doesn't talk to anyone and spends all his time alone in his jail cell planning his revenge for once he gets out of that hell hole. But what will happen when he grabs the attention of this girl...

  • Killer
    69.4K 2.7K 5

    **dont ask me to translate i don't let people translate anything I looked at the beautiful girl in my bloodstained arms, who was staring at me with wide eyes. They screamed fear and were begging me to end it quickly. But the thing is, I didn't want to kill her. I stroked her hair with my claws and sent her...

  • My Best Friend's Boyfriend (A Justin Bieber Vampire love story)
    16K 617 43

    What would you do if vampires were real? Did you know every vampire imprints on someone other known as soul mate? What would you do if you had almost exactly the same dream every night? Seeing the same boy with the eyes that change from brown to purple just by looking at you? What would you do if your "dream boy" was...

  • Not Like The Movies ||Justin Bieber||
    4.4M 57.6K 71

    #317 in fanfiction 1/31/2018 Imagine if your best friend was pop sensation Justin Bieber, you two grew up together, shared wonderful memories, and even developed feelings for each other, but he started to realize your darkest secret so you had to push him away. Deep down there was always a love between Justin and Kati...

  • different // j.b
    177K 5.4K 78

    Justin decided to just shut out everyone and anyone ever since his break up with Selena. He truly believes every girl is the same and they just want him for fame or money. Justin's mom Pattie has had enough so she send him to a summer camp in California. Pattie's destined that it's going to help him, but Justin keeps...

    Completed   Mature
  • OCD•jdb•
    607K 20.4K 48

    OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Justin Bieber isn't like any other school kid. He has OCD; a disorder that gives the person obsessions and compulsions. Justin was far from the word "normal". He's an outcast and he doesn't fit in no matter what. On top of having OCD, he gets bullied. Millicent Bayle, just moving into...

    Completed   Mature
  • Best Friends; Jariana [completed]
    395K 11.6K 46

    Justin and Ariana have been best friends their whole life but Justin thought of her as more than best friends and as more than a brother and sister relationship, he loved her. Ariana didn't fell the same way at first because she thought she had someone she loved and because Ariana found someone else Justin decided to...

  • My World. A Justin Bieber Romance.
    807K 12.7K 35

    [A Justin Bieber Love Story] An audition to be a back-up dancer for Justin Bieber's 'My World' tour is where it all starts. The audition manages to change Charlotte Brooks' life forever, making her fall in love with the world-wide famous pop-star adored by 30 million+ fans. Fame, jealousy, and lies seem to make Char...