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  • this is our reality
    70K 2K 28

    Love should be easy, you must always choose love. But staying in love... Thats hard. 1 girl in a serious relationship, the other, in an exciting new one.. And they are bound to get closer in a deeper level.

  • FREE FALL (JaThea/RaStro FanFic)
    272K 11.8K 67

    Will you submit yourself to the fall?

  • Be With You (Jathea Fanfiction)
    40.4K 847 19

    In life and in love, we all deserve to uphold our own personal truths: Because one truth can change us. One truth can challenge our family. And one truth can set us free. And as Jade discovers something about herself and upholds her personal truths, will she still be able to experience unconditional love from her fami...

  • Unconditional Love (RaStro)
    138K 88 3

    This is a compilation of One Shot Stories. - Sabi nga nila "True love awaits". But would you still consider it as true love when it's wrong yet it feels right at the same time? Two hearts are seeking for love. Something great that came from above. Will their hearts find each other? So that they could love one another...

  • hook with you! ( rastro fan fic)
    65.6K 2.8K 56

    isang racer at isang negosyante dalawang mag kaibang mundo ngunit iisa ang tinitibok ng puso, pag tatagpuin, magiging mabuting mag kaibigan, na mauuwi sa isang magandang pag titinginan, that bound thier forever exist, love has no bounderies, love conquers all, love takes care everything and all in rest are found to b...