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  • Teen Sinbad x Reader
    131K 5.4K 23

    Princess (Y/N) hails from the country of Tenrou, where she is known not only as an incredible dancer, but as the next to take the throne. When a pair of merchants arrive at the palace to speak with the Queen, (Y/N) takes it upon herself to arrange a deal, and in doing so, she creates a unique opportunity for herself...

  • Our Plan: Ship To Sail {ON HIATUS}
    5.8K 321 9

    ReaderXSinbad You are visiting Sindria for a merchant deal and happen to meet your childhood friend, Sinbad, that you haven't seen for 15 years. Now the eight generals are taking it in their hands to make you guys a couple. But you and Sin don't find each other that way. Or do you?... First Fanfic and in this type o...

  • Magi: The Goddess of Hope
    31.4K 1.2K 14

    Five years after the war with Hakuryuu and Al-Thamen ended; the Kingdom of Sindria, the Kou Empire, the newly formed Republic of Balbadd, and the Leam Empire have been enjoying a tense but well-deserved time of peace. But as they go out and explore the unknown worlds and encounter new civilizations and races, they d...

  • smoke|Judal
    2.4K 135 4

    ' we inhale the very thing that kills us, just so we can feel more alive' high school au|judal x fem!reader slight kouha| hakuryuu x reader {warning for adult content} {Cover: larrythelobster321}

  • The Dark Blade of Seven Seas
    61.1K 2.5K 24

    Yasmine is a woman of mysteries. Mysteries that she,herself, doesn't know about. She never asked questions. The one thing she does know is that she's an assassin - a killer. She serves a Magi by the name of Judar as his weapon of destruction and war . During a mission ,she was betrayed and captured by King Sinbad, a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Leave it Behind°||°Magi fanfic°||°
    79K 3.2K 32

    Delphine was accepted into a family she thought that she would be with forever. But nothing ever lasts forever. They threw her out like she was nothing. But as she finds herself alone she finds the comfort of people she would one day learn to love and treasure. Even if it means going back to her past. (this is the up...

  • Fairy Tail: You're Lucy of Fairy Tail. (A NaLu Fan Fiction)
    775K 24.6K 24

    - - - - Lucy is a passerby, stopping in the town of Magnolia to replenish herself before continuing on her lonely journey. She has a rare form of magic; Celestial Mage Magic. She's the only one who possesses such, but it's considered a disgusted magic to mages. When Lucy Heartfilia meets Natsu D...