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  • rantz by yourz truly
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    Updates from me Rantz Story times Self promo

  • Summer of Heart Breaks
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    A teenage heart throb that called wolf. I WROTE THIS IN MIDDLE SCHOOL 229 in Adventure ©simpletthings2017

  • Good Girl
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    SUPER CRINGE I WROTE THIS IN MIDDLE SCHOOL Sitting alone on the park bench at 12:00am was normal for me. Since refusing to take medication, I often took long walks to the park to handle my anxiety. The only thing not normal about this particular evening/morning midnight; was Peter Nicklaus. Sitting here next to me...

  • We Share A Mind
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    SUPER CRINGE I WROTE THIS IN THE 7TH GRADE "Hello is anyone out there?" I hear a voice say as foot steps approach. I throw my arms around our tree. " Leave...leave us alone." I choke on my words. "Who's us?...I'm coming." The footsteps get louder as I notice that the voice belongs to a male. And soon there is a black...