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  • The Dragon Princess (A NaLu Fanfiction)
    981K 30.2K 40

    Lucy has a big secret that only Wendy knows. She doesn't want to tell the others especially Natsu because she is afraid that they might get involved. But an unexpected event will happen. Because of this, Lucy, together with Wendy and Charles, is forced to leave Fairy Tail and her friends to go to the Dragon Realm to t...

  • Celestial Secrets
    64.8K 2K 6

    When Lucy is ignored by most of the guild when Lisanna come back from Edolas, she decides to quit team Natsu. After a few months she goes of to train. What does she find out about herself, her mother, and her Celestial Spirit friends? Read to find out! Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail.

  • Juvia's Change [ Gruvia fanfic,Completed]
    58.3K 1.7K 13

    Juvia gets her heart broken after a confession. Gajeel and Natsu were the only two there for her. but Juvia was so fed up that she couldn't stay no more. So she took a break to think and came back. its all about to CHANGE.... "Even water has its freezing points." ~Juvia [Rated-R] Strongly recommend that your a teenag...

    Completed   Mature