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  • Please Don't Eat Me: Douma x Reader (Lemon)
    7.9K 241 2

    Last updated: 05-07-2020 You, a member of the Demon Slayer Corps, volunteer for an under cover mission to gauge a suspected powerful demon. When you're unfortunate enough to be caught, the situation is quick to spiral out of your control. Lemony smutty goodness for all of you Douma lovers. This resides within the real...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kimetsu no Yaiba (One Shots)
    73.2K 838 18

    Warning: stories may involve hard language, lemons and too much fluffiness. Read at your own risk ♡♡♡ I do not own any of the characters in kimetsu no yaiba. Requests are open. ara ara~~~♡

  • The Eyes of a Lamb
    47.4K 1.7K 30

    "Hello Dr. Lecter, my name is Clarice Starling" she said from the doorway. A Hannibal Fanfic. Please vote and review!

    Completed   Mature
    2.3K 45 4

    A girl named Tomie, steps into town.... -Based on the (Haunting) Manga by Junji Ito.

  • Revenge For The Wicked ⊷ Brendon Urie || Book 2 || { ON HOLD }
    29.3K 1.3K 2

    Call It An Obsession Book 2 Scarlett thought he was dead. And Scarlett thought she was free. But boy did Scarlett think wrong.

  • Biology • Newt Scamander x Reader
    241K 9.6K 35

    "Do you think that I'd be a Hufflepuff too?" Her eyes gleamed in a reflection of the stars above head. "Yeah. Maybe even Gryffindor." He had said, with a smile tugging at the ends off his lips. -- Newt Scamander is taking a trip to New York as just a visit. A small get-a-way is what he wanted to call it. But, after...

  • Soul
    492 90 38

    "Write something and it might be worthless, Paint something and it might be wordless, Nonsense verses Pointless curses, You'll see purpose start to surface, No one else is dealing with your demon, Meaning defeating them Might be the beginning of your meaning friend." -Kitchen Sink, Twenty One Pilots. Meet me...