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  • Have You No Shame? And Other Regrettable Stories
    420K 2.5K 24

    Growing up in white-bread Omaha, Nebraska, Rachel Shukert was one of thirty-seven students (circa 1990) in Nebraska’s only Jewish elementary school. She spent her days dreaming of a fantasy Aryan boyfriend named Chris McPresbyterian, a tall blond god whose family spoke softly in public and did not inquire after his bo...

  • Lesbian Dancing After The Show: An Improviser's Non Improvised Life
    39.8K 379 85

    People say improv is life and visa/versa & YESAND. Actor, comedian, writer and improviser Shaun Landry tells of her life as an African American Improvisational Actor. Filled with lots of improvised and completely planned moments. A life filled with Joyous YESAND Bittersweet Maybe's And heart turning No's. [...

  • Memoirs of an Outlaw: Life in the Sandbox
    408K 5.2K 86

    In Fallujah, during a particularly difficult time in the Iraq War, a group of Marines are deployed on a tour that will bring them closer together, while threatening to tear them apart. The Delta Company Outlaws are a group of USMC infantrymen deployed in 2004 to one of the most hostile war zones in the world. Through...

  • Doctor - a zigzag journey
    5.5K 299 41

    You are welcome to leave comments in the chapters. (COMPLETED - 39 Parts)

  • It Took a Village
    262 6 1

    I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Democratic Republic of Congo - back when it was still known as Zaire - teaching English at a high school in a small village that would come to change my life. At night, I would write by kerosene lantern about life in Kamponde: the weddings and funerals, the gossip and politics; the...

  • Memoirs of a Worker
    58.7K 3.5K 32

    I have had a very eventful life. The stories that I post are from real events that I have witnessed. Some of them are quite humorous, some may be totally outrageous and shocking, but all of them are true (Most of the time, real events are lots better than fiction anyway). I hope that when you read these clips from my...

  • Pretty Little Butcher: Memoirs of a Female Thoracic Surgeon
    115K 7.8K 7

    {a Wattpad featured story} Everything in this book is real. Minor details have been altered to protect those who know me. I'm a female thoracic surgeon and even though I complain about my job all the time, I never regret choosing this career. What you see on TV isn't entirely accurate, and this is my version of the tr...

  • Forged In Fire: Stories of wartime Japan
    19.7K 1.6K 24

    Forged In Fire is the true story of a young girl's childhood in pre-WW II Tokyo; her schoolgirl dreams; the violence, starvation and desperation of wartime that drove her family out of the city; and the American Occupation that shaped Japan's future. It is the story of my mother, Rita (then named Tomoko), who was ten...

  • Millennial's Monologue: Secret Dramas in Our Hearts & Souls
    25.9K 2.1K 38

    REAL LIFE STORY: I was a stereotypical high achiever in an Ivy League school who got suspended for plagiarism; April was a sweet girl who worked in a high-end prostitution ring. We were both in our early twenties when we became friends. A perfect timing, because my heart was full and swollen, so was hers. With the...

  • Earning my Wings: A Mormon Woman's Journey to Marine Corps Aviator
    11.5K 452 16

    I wrote this book primarily for my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great grandchildren, great-great-great… well, you get my drift. Having not yet completed my service to the United States Marine Corps, I thought it would be a bit presumptuous to pen my memoirs. That said, my family and friends hav...

  • Memoirs of a Bipolar Winner
    1.8K 108 9

    I used to be a loser. Seriously. I've lost a lot of battles against my emotions. The past few years, however, I've been fighting hard for my mental well-being, and I'm finally winning. It's been a rough ride, and it's not over yet! Come along on the journey through my past as I reminisce the events of my life that con...

  • Scars: Steps To Queenism
    3.2K 377 87

    Scars: Steps To Queenism, is a highly inspirational and authentic story of an innocent child's world growing up; not only as an 80's baby, but having to practically raise herself in the streets of Boston - alone. From having parents and grandparents that suffered extreme drug and alcohol addiction, to losing the woman...

  • GLIMPSES of how Canada worked: a writer's memoir.
    20.1K 460 67

    During the first 30 years of my journalistic career in the second half of the 20th century, good jobs of all kinds were available all over Canada. Those of us born in the 1930s and early '40s were in great demand because our generation was very small when the post-World War II boom began. I earned generous fees workin...

  • Mother's Day At The Orphanage: Stories Without A Home
    81.3K 959 21

    Mother's Day At The Orphanage is collection of semi-autobiographical short stories about odd jobs, fake businesses, mistaken identities, close shaves, and near misses, written by David Leigh Abts and Michael Shattuck, edited by Leslie Blodgett, and with the Foreword by Courtney Taylor-Taylor (Frontman of The Dandy War...

  • Old McLarsen had some Farms
    1.2K 72 25

    "You two become farmers? You must be kidding!" How little our friends really knew us. Sure, that's how life had been for the Secretary and the Building Supervisor... but those were the keywords - "had been". An opportunity had arisen to learn farming, working for a friend for 18 months on a 6,000 acre cropping and sh...

  • She Walks Among Us
    22.1K 256 11

    Do you know anyone with a crippling, morbid fear of flying? Well, you do now. I have a theory: An event one spring day in the town cemetery at the dawn of my existence had everything to do with planting a stark view of life and death which led, eventually, to a profound mistrust of infernal contraptions that carried y...

  • Prayer Beads on the Train
    37.4K 602 20

    I write about New York - and everywhere else. This is a selection of what I call my "little bus stories." I write on the New York City Mass Transit Authority - also known as the MTA, also known as the bus and the subway. My first collection of stories is available at the NY Transit Museum Store, and online at Amazon...

  • 2 Questions Every Girl is Asking Herself
    991K 27.6K 84

    Every girl is wondering about two things: 1. What do I want to do with my life? 2. What kind of person do I want to marry? So I traveled around the world looking for answers. 5 men, 3 continents, 1 prophecy... And an appearance on Chinese reality TV. I thought fairy tales only existed in leather-bound books...

  • The Art of Breathing Underwater
    2.3K 370 32

    If we grow up believing in a lie, how will we recognise truth when we find it. * * * For bi-polar Aaron, being gay is a choice. It's a choice between risking alienation from his religious family and close-minded friends or drowning under the weight of his sec...

  • Graveyard Field Trips: A Memoir
    282 8 15

    From nameless circus workers killed in a train crash to Marilyn Monroe's grave at night, from the concentration camp in Northern California to the heart of Singapore City: join me and my friends in exploring cemeteries around the world. Every day aboveground is a good day. This collection of my cemetery essays is draw...