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  • Victorian Boy || l.s. ✔︎
    793K 38.7K 32

    Harry the virgin Duke of Somerset knows little of love, while Louis the sly Duke of Warwick knows too much. When the two dukes come together for the Bilsdale fox hunt in Yorkshire, Harry finds himself drawn into Louis' bed. But when secrets from Louis' dark past come to light, Harry fears that the fox isn't the only o...

  • Ticci-Toby x reader
    85.5K 3K 17

    Although you're not the most popular kid in the school, the new student has taken quite a liking to you. And since summer is so close, maybe you can spend some time with him. Maybe even become more than friends.

  • Gods eye, Ghostly sight/ Bill cipher X reader/
    324K 11.1K 44

    / COMPLETED/ The reader's mother sends reader to gravity falls after paying off a man known as Stan pines to take good care of the reader for her, the reader befriends dipper and Mabel only to be greeted by none other then bill cipher himself. The reader makes a deal unknowingly locking herself in a merry-go-round wi...

  • Kuroha x reader (one-shot)
    2.3K 55 1

    So you got kidnapped by Kuroha and he doesn't quite want what you'd expected...

  • markiplier x reader dark lemon
    13.3K 125 5

    pfffff hahaha

  • Alois X Reader Lemon
    26.6K 486 1

    You are once again a maid at the Trancy estate and you believe, his Highness has grown a liking to you. Will you go along with his plans?!?!

  • Creepypasta lemons :/
    18.1K 163 2


  • Vocaloid Lemons (Suggestions are open)
    2.7K 19 1

    Hello everyone PikoXX here. This is just a fanfic where you give your suggestions on Yaoi pairings, or the male Vocaloid X Reader. This will be open so give me your suggestions.

  • Creepypasta Lemons
    55.7K 873 14

    warnigngngngng nighgga ii may b high but it will be smexy okay enjoy SEXUAL CONTEN5NTNT