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  • New Magcon's Sister ||Hunta Rowland||
    81.1K 1.6K 22

    Lexi was an ordanary girl, what happens when she finds out that she is the sister to THEE cameron dallas She leaves her 'mom' t9 live with Gina and Cam but, she has to all of a sudden go on tour with the NEW magcon boys What happens when she develops a crush on Hunta? Will Cam break them up?

  • Love at first sight ♥️(5SOS)
    7.4K 197 18

    Ashanti is moving to Australia, because her parents died in a car accident so she has to live w/ her brother Calum. She comes out of the plane and looks at the ocean blue eyes that the other guy has, will she fall in love? ...

  • My brothers bandmate. (5SOS)
    178K 4.3K 66

    Ariana Irwin is of course Ashton Irwin's sister, he's very protective over her and he wants her to be safe. What will happen when she meets his friends?.

  • My brother is Luke Hemmings
    59.4K 1.2K 36

    You'd think oh somebody would know if they were related to a celeb or boy band member but no I didn't know why because my mum gave me up for adoption because she had jack Ben and Luke she didn't have enough money to look after us all but I think that it's a load of rubbish I mean she's a maths teacher! Will Katy forgi...

  • Luke Hemmings Little Sister?!
    26.9K 490 50

    Claire Valentine. 17 year old from New Jersey was adopted by the Valentine family. Actually, a Hemmings child. She runs into her favorite band 5 Seconds of Summer on a trip to New York City. Amazing things can happen to the most ordinary people.

  • Calum Hoods Sister // 5sos Sister
    184K 5.3K 42

    Isabella was Calum Hoods twin sister, but Calum was over protective only because he was 2 minutes older. He kept her hidden from the fans, co-workers, and most importantly the band. What will happen when Isabella is exposed to the public and band and what will happen when she reveals her secret?

  • Stepbrother?➳Calum Hood
    148K 4.8K 37

    [ "No FUCK OFF MICHAEL. She's mine." "She's your fucking sister calum for fuck sake what is with you" "Yeah.. Er i mean i have my duties as her stepbrother to take care of" ] I thought it meant something different •••

  • Unknown Hood
    100K 2.6K 44

    one day I was a normal girl the next I was calum hoods sister. WARNING~~~ Written very young, hard to follow, not going to be redone.

  • Being Luke Hemmings Sister
    228K 5.7K 81

    "She is the bully!" "No she's not..." "GET OUT!"

  • amnesia || lrh (finished)
    2.4M 92.7K 56

    "I'm Luke." "I know." "I'm Brooke," she smiled. I looked at her as if she was the best thing in the world. "I know," I smiled back. © 2014, vanillacid || All Rights Reserved. cover by me highest ranking: #36 in fanfiction

  • Trust ➳ Ashton Irwin
    1.1M 39.1K 43

    "You know you can trust me." "I can't just trust you, it doesn't work that way."

  • She's The Man [5SOS]
    24.1M 732K 58

    "Julie, truth or dare?" That was the question that started it all, really. I was dared to dress, act, and nearly BE a boy for a month, me getting cash out of it if I succeed. But will I fail because of these four boys?.. COPYRIGHTED © BRITISHBUMS

  • Falling for my Step Brother ( Ashton Irwin)
    1.8M 46K 55

    Taylor is a young and wild teenager who has always enjoyed life. Sadly after the death of her mother 5 years ago life has never been the same for Taylor Especially when her father decides to move them closer to his girlfriend But when she get's there her soon to be stepbrother catches her eye

  • you're so cute ➽ lrh
    53K 2K 44

    For the first time in her life she felt wanted, she felt loved and she felt happy. Will it last?

  • catfish // mgc
    5M 246K 75

    catfish : someone who pretends to be someone they're not on the internet • all images/gifs are from tumblr, they are NOT mine unless i say so!!!! • you can check out some translations in my "catfish translations" reading list :-) • (highest rank: #1 in fanfiction) (@emcartwright took the picture I used as the cover so...

  • freshman // calum hood
    2M 64.3K 35

    [this probably needs to be edited and revised etc but I'm lazy so just be ware I wrote it when I was 14!!!] every freshman gets picked by a senior, that senior has to take their freshman to a party and get them wasted. something made him pick her, and something told him that when he did, he knew this wasn't just a ga...

  • Bullied By Calum Hood
    4.9M 127K 57

    Camber has been bullied by Calum Hood for too long, when something unexpected happens, Camber wants to get away, after years and years of bing bullied she can't risk it anymore. 3 years later Calum finds her, but he's different. Is he the Calum she use to know, or has he changed?

    Completed   Mature
  • selfie || calum hood
    2.3M 68.7K 62

    caution: just letting you know, I wrote this years ago, so some things may not add up. I won't change them because most of you understand what I'm trying to say. please ignore any spelling/grammatical errors. enjoy reading! 'listen here red, we're gonna send each other a selfie a day, with a caption.' 'i don't know...

  • 5SOS Imagines
    258K 2K 30

    Imagines full of feels , sweetness and many more a fangirl could feel ! :) no copying unless you ask me first. ACCEPTS DEDICATION JUST MAKE SURE I FEEL SPECIAL TO DEDICATE THIS TO YOU. i own this okay. and im using my phone ! :)

  • Prank Text | l.h
    9.2M 398K 58

    'Hey, I'm Luke Hemmings' 'Really because the last time I checked I'm Luke hemmings' A story, In which a girl named Miley likes to prank text random phone numbers with the same sentence 'Hey, I'm Luke Hemmings" [highest rank ~ #1 Fanfiction]

  • Adopted by 5SOS
    23.8K 770 43

    Christina and Courtney get adopted by 5SOS, They have amazing adventures, traveling and sight seeing

  • Adopted by 5sos
    32K 1K 16

    A side note I'm hoping to have 2 trailers for this book I have one done which is fabulous by @sky_is_limit and I hopefully gonna have another one a little later on because I got a bit to excited because I never had a trailer and yeah I hope you enjoy

  • Luke Hemmings Secret Sister
    596K 15.4K 45

    Kayla is a tomboy with blonde hair and blue eyes and a black lip piercing. She may seem innocent, but once you see her, you will be surprised. She's tough, physically and emotionally. She wears boy-ish clothing, she says it suits her personality better. She has the 'get away from me/I don't care' attitude. She has 2 b...

  • Step brothers || A Calum Hood fanfic
    37.7K 817 16

    There's a girl. There's a famous boy. There's a single dad who fell in love with a single mom. There's a girl and a boy who couldn't be just stepsibling

  • two worlds // luke hemmings
    1.2M 35.8K 93

    Going out without a bodyguard might sound, to people like Luke Hemmings, completely unimaginable; a lot of things could go wrong. However, sometimes the odds are in his favor and a fan shows up, helping Luke get rid of a tough situation. Friendship begins, and then something else... But will this relationship between...

  • Unforgettable
    2.6M 50.4K 70

    "It is amazing how someone can break your heart, yet you still love them with all the little pieces, and those unforgettable special moments.."

  • Falling for Brandon Rowland (EDITING) |#WATTYS2016
    55.7K 1.1K 36

    A family moves in across the street. Hunter Ashton Christine and Brandon. The people who turn my life upside down. But also the love of my life. But she's more of a badgirl but will Brandon and them break her? Will she really fall for him? Read to find out ♡♡

    Completed   Mature
  • Two Can Play at this Game (Matthew Espinosa)
    5.1M 97.2K 45

    Georgia Waters is the new girl at school. She immediately makes new friends after standing up to the school bad boy; Matthew Espinosa. He uses every girl he gets the chance to use, and something is telling Georgia that she's the next victim. When he attempts to play her, will she play right back? Will one of these pla...

  • Magcon || J.S
    117K 3.2K 72

    Lexi Dallas yes Dallas related to Cameron Dallas. When her brother Cameron tells her she's going on tour with him. Lexi was thrilled to go to magcon until she met Jacob. She loved Jacob he had the mosh beautiful eyes Cameron got suspicious and didn't want Jacob to date Lexi will Cameron do something about Find out in...