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  • Reiki: The Japanese Art of Spiritual Healing
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    Reiki is a spiritual practice which originated in Japan. It can allow anyone to access a very high vibrational energy known as 'Reiki.' This energy can be used to heal yourself and others, on all levels of the body: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This book covers all of the basic theories behind Reiki, its...

  • Japanese Facts (Read Me!)
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  • Japanese learn
    19.4K 550 8

    learn Japanese with me. *chapters 1-6 are old and I am sorry of any spelling mistakes* I hope you like! ありがとございます (Thank you)

  • Japanese basics
    14.4K 240 7

    Another (hopefully helpful) guide for those that want to start learning Japanese...

  • Horrifying japanese urban legends
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    A bunch of Japanese urban legends.

  • Learn Japanese (Phrase, Vocab, Lesson book)
    48.3K 823 40

    *Translations in romaji* A large guide to learning Japanese with many chapters on vocab, with some phrases and vital lessons. *from my own self written lesson book with phrases and lessons derived from other guides. Vocab was translated myself through a dictionary* Hiragana chart at the end for converting from Eng...