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  • Snowflake Killer
    95 24 4

    Un criminal omoara copii iarna timp de 4 ani si nimeni nu il poate prinde. Politistii nu au niciun indiciu. O mama este pusa in aceasta situatie. Trebuie sa isi salveze baiatul. Va reusi sa descopere cine e ucigasul? Va putea sa evite moartea lui Jack?

  • Straight (Jalex (M Preg))
    547 47 14

    Jack is new but that doesn't stop him challenging king of the school Alex. Alex and Jack go head to head in order to find out who is the straightest out if both of them, and may end up with a very unexpected suprise...

    Completed   Mature
  • Get Down On Your Knees And Tell Me You Love Me (Jalex)
    2.3K 31 6

    A super-cute and sweet Jalex fanfiction, for all you Jalex fans out there!

  • The Westboro Baptist Scandal ~ Ryden
    10.4K 732 11

    When the Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket a Panic! concert how will Brendon react to the accusations about his sexuality past band mates, and lovers.

    Completed   Mature
  • For Sale
    48 3 2

    YOU HAVE A NEW MESSAGE unknown: bro this traffic sucks amirite you: how did you get my number? In which a girl is looking for a buyer for her grandpa's truck and gets a text from Millie instead. [GXG]

  • Like Real People Do
    1.8K 59 21

    Nights of bugs and dirt// Strange dreams // A woman creeping around where she doesn't belong. An original novella inspired by Hozier's song 'Like Real People Do.' "I will not ask you where you came from, I will not ask and neither should you. Honey, just put your sweet lips on my lips; We should just kiss like real pe...

  • Ace of Hearts - All We Are Series [NaNoWriMo 2014] [#JustWriteIt]
    14K 606 35

    Sometimes the greatest beauties come from within. Meet Anaya Beth Parker: ~A 28 year old manager at Better Bathroom Business. ~A cheerful friend. ~A dedicated daughter. ~A beautiful, asexual, strong, independent woman. Follow Anaya through her twists and turns of life, friendship, and maybe even a little love. [Book 1...

  • Merely Vampires (Palaye Royale)
    15.7K 1.3K 55

    Time exists in distant memories, nonlinear and fuzzy. Each event in one's life is merely a domino that knocks down another, until the final domino has fallen. Everything happens for a reason, but life likes to play cruel tricks that sends one into the maze of people, places, and promises. Follow the nonlinear lives of...

  • Band Memes
    73.4K 4.9K 31

    I don't even know XD. A bunch of memes from my favorite Bands :P

  • For Panic! At The Disco Fans
    31K 1.3K 57

    Only the things a Panic! fan your understand.

  • The Emo Trinity bible
    7.4K 549 13

    Here we are The emo bible It's really hit a low hasn't it

  • Emo Trinity Bible Thing
    137K 7.5K 138

    Emo Trinity stuff. What am I doing with my life.

  • The Doll Maker
    1K 12 31

    The Grandgers are far from ordinary, but never before have they been involved in something so odd. With a missing sister and an epidemic of missing children threatening the world, the small family takes it upon themselves to get to the bottom of the mystery. As they get deeper into the mystery, more people are dragged...

  • Keep Running [Frerard]
    122 9 4

    Who knew that a book report can change your life? Frank thought it was just a cruel assignment his teacher gave him but it turned out to be so much more. But the question is: Will his life change for the better or worse?

  • Dark Frerard Smut
    35.6K 758 8

    This story contains Frerard oneshots with dark themes, possible rape, verbal\physical violence, mental illness, disability, abuse, illegal activities, BDSM, DD\LB and so on, so if you are uncomfortable with\don't like these kinds of themes I highly suggest you don't read this. Don't worry, I'm a nice person in real li...

  • 999 {Frerard}
    454 27 12

    The story of a man, his lover, and the corpses, of a thousand evil men. Would you sacrifice yourself to be with the one you love?

  • •Frerard smuttt one-shots•
    1.7K 35 2

    Smutty smut smut

  • Intertwined~A Solangelo AU
    899 71 3

    Night Elves- Those who roam during Night, by the light of the Silver moon and stars. Imps- Those who dance under the Sun's golden light, beneath the blue sky. Nico was a Night Elf. He never knew what the sun felt or even looked like. But he was desperate to know. Will was an Imp. He loves the sun, and practically wars...

  • my ideas that make the world even more complicated
    40 5 8

    i write philosophy and poetry in here ~<3 mason

  • mosquito dan x spider phil smut
    74 6 1

    if you ever wonder what a spider's diet is , read this.

    Completed   Mature
  • fdank and grald avdentures (Crackfic)
    614 46 7

    wat haipns in frionk en greralds lyf? dey hav alot of aventurds dis is a tru strary basd on reel lif avents

  • Gay
    33 3 2

    sek s

  • Songs/Bands you should listen to
    805 66 58

    Great songs. Great bands. Go listen to them

  • Still Here
    3.9K 886 182

    me in a book. deal with it

  • Blood & Cigarettes//Frerard
    5.9K 561 54

    Gerard Way is a hired hit man. He always gets the job finished no matter what, but this time, things may be more difficult. Gerard Way is supposed to kill an innocent enough looking boy named Frank Iero, and for Gerard this isn't a problem.. Until he finds himself unable to pull the trigger. He never expected to be di...

  • Go Away //MSI
    793 44 21

    None of them can get a grip on the stupidity of their generation. Even they know that they're normal friends are brainwashed by what they hear.// "Guys what exactly are we doing here. Why not just give up on it" she says, wiping her hair from her face. "We are here to teach people to resist the lies".//

  • 5 Times Dean Told Someone He Loved Them, and the 1 Time Someone Said it Back
    1.1K 85 1

    Basically what the title says. Destiel at the end. Disclaimer: All recognized characters, dialogue, scenes, episodes, etc belong to Eric Kripke, the CW, and basically they're not mine *sobs*

  • Boarding School Secrets: A SuperWhoLock AU
    551K 13.7K 48

    Set in an alternate universe where all the characters go to a boarding school in Alabama for a year and become friends. Well not all is sunshine and rainbows here at the school and the students need to unravel a web of secrets, lies, and murder before it's too late. Half crack, a bit OOC at some parts but hey, it's an...