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  • Harry Potter Truth or Dare
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    Hi! I'm Lillian, but you can call me Lily. So today I got very, very bored and decided to kidnap Harry Potter characters. I'm forcing them to play truth or dare with me. Here's a list of who've I've taken and on some of them, why I got them: Harry Potter Hermione Granger Ron Weasley Draco Malfoy/Ferret boy (Can't wait...

  • Facts about Harry Potter that you didn't know
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    In this book you'll finds some facts about Harry Potter characters that you probably didn't know. Enjoy! Disclaimer: I own nothing

  • Harry Potter Facts
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    Harry Potter Facts, duh^

  • All about Harry Potter
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    This book contains random stuff about Harry Potter. It has facts, jokes, quotes and much more. After reading this, please read "More About Harry Potter" It's just like this one. Please vote =) Disclaimer: I own nothing! Cover by: @MahamIkram

  • Harry Potter Facts
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    Facts about Harry Potter

  • Harry Potter jokes!!
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  • Harry potter taught me
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    These are just some little quotes on what Harry Potter has taught me.

  • Harry Potter Guide
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    For those who loves quotes or who love Harry Potter or who love wattpad! "Both Potterheads and Muggles allowed. Permission from The Ministry of Magic taken."

  • Everything Harry Potter
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    Are you a Potterhead? Then this book is for you. This book will have Harry Potter facts, Potterhead things and problems, In generall Harry Potter, so if you don't like HP, then what are you still doing here? I hope you like the book This book will have things from all the books and movies in the HP series...

  • Standard Book of Spells
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    The Unofficial Standard Book of Spells ---------------------------------------------------------- Here, I think I got all of the spells, charms, enchantments, curses, jinxes and all the other incantations. To all those muggles out there these are only the ones mentioned in both the muggle movie and biography off Harry...

  • More About Harry Potter
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    Random stuff about Harry Potter. Facts, jokes, quotes and much more. 2nd part of All About Harry Potter. Read that first. Please vote =) Disclaimer: I own nothing! Cover by: @_NachoCheese_

  • fireflies 🌙 harry potter facts✓
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    ❝i feel like such an insomniac❞

  • Harry Potter Jokes
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    Just random jokes and stuff from the greatest book series ever written.